Air those grievances!

A resolution has been made to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene on pretty much inarguable grounds. You can just read the resolution yourself, or if you enjoy angry rhetoric, you can watch Becca Balint read it aloud, although it will take a while to get through it all.

None of it really matters, since all the pundits agree that it will be simply tabled by the Republicans, who don’t mind a lying, bottom-feeding scumbag thriving in their party. There isn’t a single person with any integrity there.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Censure in Congress, the literal equivalent to telling a toddler “You should be ashamed at yourself!”, with far less effect.
    You write as though it’s a prelude to impeachment, which it most certainly is not, it’s a mere step above rebuke and well below anything that includes sanctions. It’s the literal, official version of calling her an asshole to her face.
    And I’m fairly certain that she’s aware of the fact that she is indeed a flaming asshole. She’s also aware of the fact that she has Batman’s superpower – “I’m rich” and hence, doesn’t give a shit.

  2. says

    Wow. Marjorie Taylor Greene hates almost everyone. After reading that resolution, I wonder how MTG has time to do anything other than express her hate. It must be awful to be her.

  3. says

    All these Rtwingnut congressional aholes don’t understand the conceptual difference between constructive and destructive. Their entire lives are focused on selfish destruction never on doing anything substantively constructive. I’m sure that underneath all the theatrical rage, there is an arrogant attitude of ‘I’m untouchable’, just like tRUMP probably won’t pay and doesn’t care about the tiny fines he’s received in court. Remember, they are all “CLOWNS WITH FLAMETHROWERS!”

  4. wzrd1 says

    shermanj @ 4, by all accounts, after he left court and receiving his $10k fine, he was fit to be tied, so I suspect that those fines are stinging a bit for Trump.

    As for other, actual politicians, you hit on it quite accurately. Theatrical. Giving a show for their base, so that they can say, “See? I’m doing something”, even if it’s useless, ineffective and well, idiotic. You’d have to look at the history of populist politicians, I’d suggest going back not all that far to review the history of the “know nothings” as a prime example. They imploded their origin party, survivors moved on to a new party, the Republican party back in Lincoln’s time.
    They arrived, they fucked things up, imploded their party, endangered their new party until being either ejected or ignored by disgusted voters and joined the dodo bird in extinction.

  5. devnll says

    @1 “It’s the literal, official version of calling her an asshole to her face.”

    I can get behind that plan. I know, I know; it won’t make any difference to her behaviour. Nor to the fact that her colleagues will accept it with smiles just so long as she continues to poll Republican more often than not. But sometimes it feels good to call the assholes out to their faces.