1. hemidactylus says

    How is cowspider at wranglin’ cattle? And would one want a high noon showdown with something with so many beady little eyes?

  2. mordred says

    Way better than what I’ve seen from Berlusconi’s collection.

    This guy … had the money.

  3. StevoR says

    @ ^ hemidactylus : I imagine being able to produce your own silky lassoes (& silken rope equivalent -strionger than most rope actually) at will might come in pretty handy.. or leggy or spinaretty or whatever..

  4. Jazzlet says

    How is the tarantula controlling the horse? Even if it is trained to respond to leg you still hold the reins. Come to that has the horse got any sort of head control as it’s not wearing a bridle?

  5. seachange says

    Sleipnjr the horse had eight legs. The artist missed a chance.

    What this picture does not show is what or whom the spider is herding. Perhaps it is merely giant locusts.

  6. Bruce says

    He’s also selling the same tarantula cowboy design as a velveteen blanket, and as a sweatshirt. Just right for winter, if you have $60 for art. Just follow his Etsy link, and look under his merchandise, among 79 items.

  7. outis says

    Mmmm, not quite. And I count five (not four, not six. Five!) front eyes, which surely counts as a mortal sin in the eyes of our spider lords.
    However, full marks for the hat.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    Seachange @ 13

    He (she? It?) is herding the scorpion-horse-locusts John of Patmos described in the Book of Revelations.
    The artist missed the opportunity to have a group of fire-breathing Jews in the background.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    …I want a painting of the Metatrons and other really trippy-looking angels hanging out in the staff room in heaven.
    Like, resting their multiple eyes from the strong light. Parking their wheel-shaped bodies on appropriately shaped chairs.

  10. drsteve says

    I just hope Hollywood producer Jon Peters hears about this artist — bet he’d commision a whole series of giant spider paintings to fill his house.

  11. birgerjohansson says

    In Glen Cook’s novels about Garrett and the kingdom where he operated, the southern steppes (the Cantard) were infested with unicorns, carnivorous sapient equuids that were dangerous like hell. They even had domesticated dogs helping them.
    But even the unicorns were scared of the vampires and the shape-shifting critters.

    In the first Garrett novel, he hired three… goblins? Giants? from the slums to act as muscle, a wise decision as it turned out. I would love a painting with a motif from those tales.

  12. EigenSprocketUK says

    Instantly, I saw Jehovah’s Witnesses colours, so now I’m sure this is the Jesus sat upon the, ah, horse — ready to separate the cows from the goats, lasso me with a sticky bola, and raise the right pedipalp of God. Or something.

  13. StevoR says

    @ 23. tfkreference : “That’s not a cephalopod. Did I miss something while I was away?”

    Spiders! A whole lot of spiders.

    You must have been a way for a very long time too – but welcome back!