Rich people poison everything they touch

This might just be the final straw for me. The head Twit is pissed off and flinging lawsuits at Mark Zuckerberg for launching Threads, the Twitter alternative, and since they called off the childish plan to fight each other, now Musk has an even dumber suggestion.

Look. Guys. You’re both toxic to your brand. We all want to see less of you, not more. Musk only appeals to weird libertarian Nazis and people who have fallen for his techie facade; Zuckerberg is a dead-eyed charisma void beloved of racist grandmas. The more you put your faces on your social media service, the more I’m going to attach unpleasant associations to using that service.

I’m still on Twitter, for now, but not happy about it. I’m on Threads, unenthusiastically, but I can’t link to my pzmyers account there because, for unfathomable reasons, Threads, like Instagram, is only supposed to be used on your phone. I prefer Mastodon right now, because there are no billionaires marking their territory there.

I think I’ll just hunker down on Pharyngula. Bring back RSS!


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    Zuckerberg is a dead-eyed charisma void beloved of racist grandmas.

    Do they not know?

    In 2016 (Zuckerberg) was named Fortune Magazine’s richest Jewish person in the world.

  2. mikey says

    “Threads, like Instagram, is only supposed to be used on your phone.
    That’s because they can gather more user info from mobile devices.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Elon Musk has signed a letter where he endorses the socialist system of China He is willing to kiss any ass to do business.
    He is a hypocrite and worm.

  4. seversky says

    How about giving the Muskerberg a techie challenge to their egos?. Confinement in a sealed habitat simulating a 2-year mission to Mars. They can have their computers but they’d have to put up with cramped living space, a limited diet and a steadily lengthening comms lag the further they get from Earth. Any bets on how long they’d last before they reach MOAT stage (Mother Of All Tantrums)?

  5. raven says

    Twitter has been steadily going downhill for the last two weeks.

    The last few times, when I follow links to Twitter, I get the message, content limited to people over 18, log on to your Twitter account to view. Of course, my Twitter account is nonexistent so that doesn’t work.

    A few days ago, I followed a link to a photo of a cat. Didn’t work. “Try again”. That didn’t work either. How hard is it to display a Tweet with a photo of a cat anyway.

    Yesterday, Twitter would only work for people with accounts.
    I will never have a Twitter account.

    I’m not even trying to see anything on Twitter any more because it has stopped working.

  6. raven says

    I don’t like Facebook and don’t have an account there either.

    Facebook is very predatory and they make it so obvious and don’t care who knows it.
    They want to collect as much of your information as possible and sell it to anyone and everyone to make money and aren’t hiding it.

    Most of my Boomer age cohort that I know aren’t on Facebook.

    I’m probably not going to sign up for Threads.

  7. says

    RSS doesn’t need to be “brought back” – it’s alive and well!!

    Many people point to the demise of Google Reader as the beginning of the end for RSS. But stepped up BEFORE Google Reader went away – with the ability to migrate feeds from Google Reader.

    That’s what I did – and I’ve been reading FTB ever since – using the RSS feed and! Including THIS post! works in a browser – and they have an app for Android. Not sure about an iOS app, but I can’t imagine they don’t have one.

    RSS is also alive and kicking in the podcast universe. And MOST podcasts have an RSS feed. Even if a podcast doesn’t have an RSS feed, there are utiities that can take an Apple Store (is that the term? I’m not in the Apple universe) feed URL and turn it into a more standard RSS feed url that you can add to your podcast app.

  8. acroyear says

    well, I still see your posts first by RSS (via feedly) as I have for almost 20 years…

  9. drew says

    We all want to see less of you, not more.

    I’d like everyone to see more of them, actually. And maybe get more info about how the sausage is made at Google.

    Maybe once we’re all aware of how toxic are, it will be easier to get people out of the walled gardens of constant surveillance that are the actual threats to humanity.

    Maybe if liberals felt more uncomfortable, they’d start clamoring about universal human rights again instead of playing purity games. Pushing conservatives off of mainstream platforms seems to have handed the mantel of civil liberties defender to them. Ick.

  10. moarscienceplz says

    drew #14
    I’m curious how much racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc., etc., etc., we “purity liberals” should give a pass to in your opinion.

  11. lotharloo says

    They got banned because they violated terms of service. Do you think racism, sexism and so on should be allowed by terms of service, OR if they are allowed and if they are repeatedly violated, then the terms of service should not be enforced? This is a really silly thing to complain about honestly.