Who keeps putting all these globes everywhere?

Kandiss Taylor ran for governor of Georgia on the slogan, Jesus, Guns, and Babies, which is the perfect Republican mantra. She also promised to execute sheriffs who disobeyed her rules. To everyone’s immense surprise, she lost big time, getting only 3.4% of the vote. Don’t worry, she’s doing the Trump thing and contesting the election, saying it was rigged.

She’s in the news again. She went on a flat-earth podcast to denounce globes.


Would you believe she has a PhD in counseling and was employed as a guidance counselor at an elementary school for 19 years? I think someone needs to go back and check on those poor kids.

I think we’ve found the perfectly distilled essence of Republicanism, and astoundingly, someone even worse than Marjorie Taylor Greene.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    As I recall, if she had been elected governor, she would have demolished the Georgia Guide Stones. Shortly after her campaign tanked, someone blew up one of the stones with a homemade bomb.

  2. markush says

    Here in Finland, pretty similar nutcase lost his re-election and went all flat-earth after that. Is there money to be had in that movement, or is it just natural home for wackos who lose elections?

  3. mordred says

    Am I the only one who thinks combining babies and guns is a pretty bad idea? Is it because I’m not from the US?

  4. StevoR says

    I think we’ve found the perfectly distilled essence of Republicanism, and astoundingly, someone even worse than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    So .. She’ll probly end up as Trump’s new running mate replacing Pence then?

  5. gijoel says

    @2 The constitution guarantees our right to arm bears, or babies. The details aren’t important!

  6. says

    As much as I’d like to think she believes it, I think they gave her talking points and she needs agreed with them to pander.

    Please tell me that’s the case. Please?

  7. seversky says

    Maybe in a sequal to The Omen the Devil will manifest himself on Earth not as a spooky child but as a bunch of extreme right-wing female Republican demagogues. Far more scary! So we now have the Four Horsewomen (horsepersons?) of the Apocalypse – MTG, Boebert (I keep thinking she must be a character from Dilbert like Dogbert or Catbert), Ann Coulter and now KandissTaylor.

  8. seversky says

    I think the Originalists didn’t realize there was a typo in the Second Amendment – it should be the right to keep and bare arms. (An oldie but goodie)

  9. silvrhalide says

    @2 No to the first and yes to the second.

    Would you believe she has a PhD in counseling and was employed as a guidance counselor at an elementary school for 19 years?


    There are two kinds of people who go into K-12 education: the kind that love kids and want to help them and teach them and the kind that just want to lead the parade–they want to be in charge, with unchallenged, undisputed authority and who is easier to dominate than elementary school kids.
    They always seem shocked whenever anyone pushes back against their crap ideas, mostly because that kind of lazy authoritarianism tends to lead to poor reasoning and debating skills. They’re inevitably floored about any kind of pushback because they’re so used to never having their decisions and declarations questioned.

    According to The Insider, she has a PhD in “counseling and school supervision”.
    What kind of PhD is that? Most universities have PhD programs in psychology, psychiatry, social work, education, etc. Not “counseling” or “school supervision”.
    Smells like bullshit and also unaccredited diploma mill.

  10. raven says

    “Who keeps putting all these globes everywhere?”
    The Globe Fairies.
    She should have known that.

    Not “counseling” or “school supervision”.
    Smells like bullshit and also unaccredited diploma mill.

    Or a bible college, this being Georgia. Although, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

  11. microraptor says

    I forget the name of the “school” she got her PhD from, but yes, it’s a private, unaccredited Christian school.

  12. robro says

    raven — And not just any Globe Fairies, but Gideon Globe Fairies. They’re friggin everywhere.

    Taylor’s BA and MA are from Georgia Southern, but her ‘PhD” is from Regent University, Pat Robertson’s school. So partly right.

  13. jsrtheta says

    I especially like her statement that she will kill sheriffs who don’t do “the will of the people” because that’s “treason” and firing squads are “in the Constitution”.

    We really need monitors to follow these nimrods around asking “Where? Where exactly is that in the Constitution?” Inability to support their claims should result in disqualification from office.

    By her reasoning, I should be in charge of NASA. Hey, it’s in the Constitution!

  14. vairitas says

    did she say”there’d be a globe right there if i was a normal person”?

  15. says

    Hey, everyone knows the earth is round, like a pizza! /S
    There have always been freak rtwingnut xtian terrorist zealots. What bothers me is that there seem to be more people who will throw lots of money at them so they have a louder megaphone to drown out the voice of reason. And, I’m not so sure that she is worse than MT(head) Greene or ButtBrain Boebert? It is a matter of degree and they are all sludge at the bottom of society’s barrel.

  16. wzrd1 says

    gijoel @ 5, babies aren’t in the Constitution, so obviously babies are unconstitutional!

    seversky @ 8, that’s bullshit and you know it. There were no typewriters when the Constitution was penned. It’s obviously a dyslexia induced error. The original intention was to keep and arm bears as a militia. They’d need beasts of burden too, so that they could have an effective bear-ass militia.

    As for globes, for some reason, MASCON globe popped into my head, likely as I was thinking of the various types of globes I’ve viewed over the years. I realized that I’ve never saw a single globe sold with mass concentrations illustrated, only as computer graphics. Pity, it’d be an excellent educational tool and conversation piece. One of the moon, even more so, as such concentrations doomed the first low orbit satellites launched by the Apollo program.
    And likely, there was an association with mass concentrations and considering how dense a mass of iron is within her skull…
    And her order of precedence. Jesus first, guns second, babies last. For, as the gospel of BillyBob said, “Yeah, did Jesus stand in the door with his .44 and said, “Go ahead, make my day”.
    Or something.

    I do advocate for permitless concealed carry of howitzers, 3 inch bore or greater.
    Personally, I prefer 155 mm bore. It figures prominently in nightmares, where I have to roll it up the hills of Tartarus, right next to Sisyphus, who only gets a rock.*

    *Actually, I don’t have dreams that involve artillery, well, save two in my entire life and those reflected recent at the time events involving artillery.

  17. silvrhalide says

    @3 Sorry, my original response was intended for your post and should have been “yes to the first and no the second” but not being from the US is definitely a help in not succumbing to the gun-rights nonsense.

    That said, my response works for @2 as well…

  18. robro says

    “I’m The One You’ve Been Waiting For!” Harkening to Biblical style prophecy, perhaps? Alluding to her ties to Chump…the Chosen One? Anyway, I wasn’t waiting for anyone.

  19. birgerjohansson says

    Oh, jeez, I will write to God Awful Movies.
    They have featured a lot of flat-earth “documentaries” but her name has not come up so far so maybe she is uninterested in that media.
    We must start a collection to finance her first entry in the film industry.
    She can bring some flat-Earth film veterans to the venue, there is an anti-semitic one up in Canada and a sh*tload of them in Britain.
    You have not experienced fun batshit crazy until you have experienced flat-Earth crazy.

  20. robert79 says

    The word “gun” can technically be viewed as a verb — “to gun someone down”, so “Jesus guns babies” has a rather morbid double meaning.

  21. anat says

    silvrhalide @9: So I checked ‘College Navigator’ for programs containing the word ‘Counseling’. They have:

    Clinical Pastoral Counseling/Patient Counseling
    Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology, Other
    College Student Counseling and Personnel Services
    Community Health Services/Liaison/Counseling
    Counseling Psychology
    Counseling Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services
    Genetic Counseling/Counselor
    Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling
    Mental Health Counseling/Counselor
    Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Ministries, Other
    Pastoral Studies/Counseling
    Student Counseling and Personal Services, Other
    Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling
    Trauma Counseling
    Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling/Counselor

    No idea how many of these are being offered at Doctoral level, in how many schools. But you are free to check in greater detail.

  22. wzrd1 says

    @23, I’m not. Given current stoking, their survival is literally in question.
    Court extremists at your peril. See physics “Tickling the dragon” for reference.