Whatever happened to Dr Oz?

That’s a question nobody bothered to ask, until now. Oz lost hard to Fetterman in his senate campaign, and turned himself into a standing joke with his bizarrely out-of-touch efforts to find common ground with Pennsylvanians, despite being from New Jersey. So what is he up to now? He seems to have abandoned Pennsylvania and any political aspirations, and is trying to resume his medical grift.

In running a polarizing political campaign, Oz risked all of that. Now, it appears he’s trying to get it back.

Indeed, after the election, reports emerged that Oz attempted to restart his daytime show, which ended in January 2022, before he kicked off his Senate bid. But his jaunt into politics soiled his marketability with a mainstream audience.

Perhaps more importantly, his Senate run entailed months of scrutiny from the press, and Oz’s opponents, dissecting his more dubious medical claims and business practices, tarnishing his reputation further.

All 13 seasons of his show were also produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Productions. Winfrey endorsed Fetterman in November.

He’s still a big joke, and his social media presence is permanently stained.

But even as Oz attempts to pivot back into the medical personality that built his fortune, onlookers aren’t always so receptive. While he still boasts fans in the comment sections who’ve lauded his semi-return to public life, many are still trolling the once-candidate with the same jokes that hung over his Senate run.

None of that will hurt his money-making con, though. He’s spending a lot of time in Florida nowadays, where he can fleece the MAGA sheep. One of the goals of the pseudoscience scam is to identify a ripe crop of gullible rubes, and his campaign did successfully accomplish that.


  1. lotharloo says

    One of the goals of the pseudoscience scam is to identify a ripe crop of gullible rubes, and his campaign did successfully accomplish that.

    Yes, exactly. Alex Jones spreads and talks about dumbass conspiracy theories on purpose. He wants a stupid audience who will pay 100$ or whatever for his “Male virility” pills.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I would not pay $ for male virility pills sold by someone with the mental and physical gestalt of Alex Jones. I would sooner eat fish caught downstream of Monty Burns’ nuclear powerplant.

    As for “Dr”, Mr. Oz is not to my knowledge an MD.

  3. raven says

    Mehmet Cengiz Öz, known professionally as Dr. Oz, is an American television personality, author, professor emeritus of cardiothoracic surgery at Columbia University, and former political candidate. Wikipedia

    Born: 1960 (age 62 years), Cleveland, OH

    Unfortunately, Dr. Oz is indeed an MD.
    He was a successful heart surgeon and a professor of medicine at Columbia for a while.

    Somewhere along the line, he went off the rails though.
    He is no longer affiliated with Columbia University.

    May 4, 2022 — Columbia University in New York City may have recently cut ties with Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, MD, but the move comes too late, …

  4. silvrhalide says

    If a grifter falls in a media storm of unfavorable coverage, does anyone care?

    @2 Don’t forget the $100+ asswipes, without which you will not survive the impending but strangely undefined coming apocalypse.

    @3 Unfortunately, Dr. Oz does possess a medical degree and is in fact a cardiothoracic surgeon. He did in fact have a medical practice at one point (he used to be at Columbia Presbyterian before they kicked him to the curb. He also held a professorship in the medical school at Columbia.)

    Apparently it’s easier–and more lucrative–to run medical grifts than it is to do actual research and come up with real medical procedures. Procedures that would be subject to oversight and peer review. And denial by boards if the research is in fact crap research.

    You would eat Blinky?! Shame on you.

  5. robro says

    I was just asking myself what ever happened to Doc Oz…not. Poor man. Maybe he has a shot as DeStupid’s running mate.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    A bona fide surgeon??? I would never have guessed that. Most “doctors” in the Griftersphere have no valid title.

    I am reminded of the unfortunate Republican who also had a background as a surgeon and died of COVID.
    Is there something in surgeon “culture” that make them prone to believe pseudoscience?

    OT Something to cheer you up a bit.
    Skepticrat 199 -No Tucks Given

  7. silvrhalide says

    @8 Surgeons are the elite of the medical world. They go to undergrad, med school, then get accepted to a surgical program/residency. In the US, that’s 4 years undergrad, 4 years med school, then 5-7 years surgical program. So 13-15 years (the extra are if you want to specialize in your surgeon career.) It’s why surgical fees are astronomical & why surgeons are generally the most highly compensated medical professional. They also have the shortest shelf life–they start to retire around 60-65, some of them hang on until 70 but that’s a dicey proposition. Basically, the eyesight and fine motor coordination start to go around 60 or so. Good enough for normal day to day functioning but not good enough to do surgery.

  8. silvrhalide says

    Given all that training and frankly, the attitude that comes with being a surgeon–I never met one that didn’t think that becoming God would somehow involve a demotion–lots of them think they know better than everyone about everything.

    They can be some of the nicest people you will ever meet. But they will, one and all, have an outsize ego.
    Surgery and surgical training is hard, exhausting,brutal and long. As such, it tends to weed out the wishy washy, the faint-hearted and the indecisive. Which in some ways is good; you definitely don’t want someone cracking open your chest and then soliciting opinions about what to do next. But there are unquestionably side effects. You kind of get used to having all your go-to moves being “crossing the Rubicon” moves. Surgery is kind of like the Vietnam war–every step in is a step that has to be taken out.

  9. silvrhalide says

    It’s not so much that surgeons are prone to pseudoscience, it’s just that they believe that they are always right. About everything. Which, if they believe pseudoscience, will continue to insist that it is true. Because surgeons are never wrong. About anything.

  10. Matt G says

    To quote Peter Venkman (Bill Murray in Ghostbusters): I’m gonna miss that guy!

  11. magistramarla says

    My mother-in-law was a head nurse of a coronary critical care unit.
    Her best friend was a head nurse of the ER.
    They said that most doctors believe that MD stands for Major Deity.