Will not achieve today’s goals

I had planned to get both of my finals written today, but only finished the one for introductory biology. Even at that, it was frustrating: I had a set length to reach, a reasonable number of questions, and I had so many I had to cut them back by half. Alternatively, I could have thrown lengthy essay questions at them that were worth only a half point each. I’m not that cruel.

The genetics final will have to wait until tomorrow morning, because it’s only 4pm and my brain is worn out.

Sorry, genetics students. You weren’t in a hurry for this, were you?


  1. birgerjohansson says

    If you can sense your body issuing a veto, it would be unwise to press on.

  2. timmyson says

    Maybe there’s something exotic cosmic radiation coming in: working was a struggle for me too. I’ll go easy on myself if you do?

  3. rockwhisperer says

    The best midterm and final I ever took was in an undergraduate marine geology class, though I was a geology grad student doing the background work to shift from being a computer engineer. Think mid-2000s.

    Both exams consisted of 3 questions, though the amount of info that the midterms asked for was notably less than what the final asked for. They were essay questions, designed to facilitate a complete brain dump of what I’d learned, Well-crafted questions, and I dumped. But I walked away from that final exam, exhausted, with the class firmly embedded in my brain. Once I got some caffeine and lunch into me, I appreciated it for the gift that it was, even before my professor graded it. (And yes, I did gat an A in the class, though Don might have worked me harder than any other professor on the faculty other than my thesis adviser…and with great success.)