Please show me how to calculate a “wokeness” index

The loons are just making up numbers now.

Australia is going to “dramatically” increase in its wokeness in the next year, says The University of Austin Founding Fellow Peter Boghossian.

“If Stalin’s Soviet Union was a ten, and Portland Oregon is an eight, Australia is hovering around a three,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“However, I predicted that number will go up rather dramatically in the next year.”

He only gives Australia a three because the “toxic ideology” hasn’t had time to “metastasize” and “worm its way through the system.”

I’m not clear on how he used “reason to wake the woke,” as he claims, and I have no idea what weird diverticulum of his monstrously bloated colon he pulled those numbers out of. Where I come from, yanking out random numbers and pretending they’re authoritative is frowned upon. Or laughed at. Either response is appropriate here.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Ah, don’t you recognize the manipulation? Stalinist commies, Portland commies, now the non-commie Australians will become commies if we don’t stop them.
    All, supported, as you said, by rectally procured “facts” that bear no relationship whatsoever with reality.
    Worse, it’s a fundamental rejection of the bedrock of our society, the very foundations of our Constitution and its view that all are equal. Which is both Stalinist and fascist all rolled into one, as some are more equal in those value systems, while claiming the polar opposite in the most Orwellian manner.
    So, wake the work simply means, go to sleep at the switch, because more derailments are good.

  2. StevoR says

    Australia is going to “dramatically” increase in its wokeness in the next year, says The University of Austin Founding Fellow Peter Boghossian.

    Well, here’s hoping!

    I guess he thinks it’d be a bad thing but really? Why? Actually be a wonderful idea making the world better if you ask me.

  3. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    I have a feeling that ol’ Bogo’s business card reads “PETER BOGHOSSIAN, PROFESSIONAL ASSHOLE.”

  4. raven says

    Every sentence is wrong. Peter Boghossian is an idiot.

    Australia is going to “dramatically” increase in its wokeness in the next year, says The University of Austin Founding Fellow Peter Boghossian.

    No it isn’t.
    Cultural change doesn’t move that fast.
    And why is that a bad thing anyway?

    “If Stalin’s Soviet Union was a ten, and Portland Oregon is an eight, Australia is hovering around a three,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

    If Stalin is a 10, Portland is a 1 if even that.
    Until they find mass graves of millions of dead people around Portland, Oregon, there isn’t any real similarity. Unless Oregon divided Washington up with British Columbia and invaded and annexed it and no one noticed.

    “However, I predicted that number will go up rather dramatically in the next year.”

    Shrug. Boghossian has always been an idiot so who cares.

  5. hemidactylus says

    I think PB suffers from Crohn’s so metaphors of bloated colons may not be very kind. Just a thought. Though he’s a dick, I know someone with Crohn’s and it sucks.

  6. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 2 & 4

    The right doesn’t see a distinction between the various types of leftism be it theoretical or historical. All they know is that someone who is not one of them is telling them what to do (e.g. tax the rich, establish a welfare state, regulate business, cleanup the environment, keep religion and government separate, etc.) and and they don’t like it.

  7. raven says

    I tried to find out more about Peter Boghossian’s delusions using Google search and didn’t get much.

    He is a generic right wingnut hater.
    He hates Social Justice, wokeness, gays, uppity women, and he has lately jumped on the anti-Trans people train.
    There are literally tens of millions of people in the USA who hold the exact same views.
    There is nothing original there.
    There is nothing intelligent there.

    What I didn’t find was anything positive about him or any thing positive that he believes in.
    It’s all negative and all hate for anything that happened in the USA since the start of the 20th century.

    He is basically so boring and empty headed that even Google search didn’t find him interesting.

  8. raven says

    The Absurdity of Academia: An Interview With Peter Boghossian

    Peter Boghossian lies a lot.
    I’m done with boring, lying, dumb Peter Boghossian.

    Peter Boghossian:

    It’s almost impossible for people who have detransitioned or want to detransition to receive IRB [institutional review board] approval, and so, clearly, IRBs are political and ideological gatekeepers of the dominant moral orthodoxy.

    This is a lie and it doesn’t even make any sense.

    If Trans people want to detransition no one is going to stop them. It’s between them and their doctors. And, really, you don’t even need medical treatment to detransition most of the time. Some but not all of the surgical procedures are irreversible anyway.

    This isn’t an IRB subject at all and they have nothing to do with it.

    FWIW, “transition regret” is a straw person of the right wingnuts, right up there with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, which doesn’t even exist.
    Sure, a few Trans regret their decisions. The number is very low. And who hasn’t made choices they regret later? Everyone has a long list. That is life.

    The number of Trans who regret their decisions is very low.
    It is around 1% although numbers vary from study to study.

    “Wikipedia: A 2019 poster presentation examined the records of 3398 patients who attended a UK gender identity clinic between August 2016 and August 2017. Davies and colleagues searched for assessment reports with keywords related to regret or detransition. They identified 16 individuals (0.47%) who expressed regret or had detransitioned. Of those 16, 3 (0.09%) had detransitioned permanently.[1] 10 (0.29%) had detransitioned temporarily, to later retransition.[1)” I chose this study because it is inclusive and has large numbers of patients.

  9. lanir says

    This reminds me of a couple friends who went through a period 25 years ago or so where they’d compare notes after watching movies to see what RPG stats a character would have. It was sort of the RPG geek version of debating which superhero would win if two of them fought.

    My friends were being silly when they did this and the overall effect was just to help with descriptions while playing roleplaying games. I rolled my eyes a lot when they did it but it was harmless. This bozo though? He wants his made up numbers to influence how money is spent by government, when and where the government stomps all over your rights, and generally just… anything he thinks he can tack onto the label of his snake oil before he sells it to the country rubes.

  10. ardipithecus says

    Don’t these folks realize that free speech is a woke concept? The right to vote? Do they really think they would have the right to criticize their government if things were as unwoke as they want them to be?

    Go ask the people who criticized Stalin. I’ll wait. (Thus ensuring my longevity).

  11. wzrd1 says

    Schnitzel Von Knobbschafft @2, that’s an easy one. Woke = left = commieism and commies is ebil so equal is ebil.
    I call such “thinkers” as the zero thought brigade. That’s a reference to their habituation for not actually thinking, but instead latching onto whatever drivel the far right feeds them and their actual numbers – a brigade facing an entire army, which they then proclaim that brigade is a majority.
    As a hint, a field army is around 50K+ men, a battalion is 1000 – 1800 men, a brigade has 3 – 6 on average battalions, so around 2000 – 5000 men. So, they’re insisting that 5000 = 50000.
    Remember that zero thought part?

  12. hemidactylus says

    @12- raven
    I started off quite interested in Boghossian’s notion of street epistemology that he pitches in A Manual for Creating Atheists. It is taken to be a less confrontational (ironic given Bogo’s penchant for controversy) manner of engaging religious true believers than the typical “debate me” approach. Some high points were his use of the concept of closure and the somewhat dissonance-like idea of aporia. Yet back then there were warning signs:

    I also kinda didn’t entirely like the atheism biased framing of SE and the horsemen talk in the book.

    There are other practictioners of SE now and last I was interested at all they were in the midst of polishing it and releasing educational modules. But I was put off by prominent SEer Reid Nicewonder being too Cordial with Bogo’s sidekick James Lindsay in a couple videos. Lindsay is known for starting with current SJW (now “woke”) ideology and working backwards with Pluckrose to blame postmodernism then critical theory despite the former being less reducible to Marxism than the latter among other things.

    I had seen Bogo put Jurgen Habermas in a positive light (funny I had mentioned the guy multiple times on the SE discord) so hence not all critical theory is evil (snark). Lindsay had a thing against Marcuse, who was the most aligned with the New Left among the Frankfurt School.

    After the “conceptual penis” nonsense I stopped taking Boghossian seriously, though his initial book isn’t terrible. Just like with Jordan Peterson the only times I hear of him any more is on this blog.

  13. wzrd1 says

    feralboy12, I’m not sure how nummers werk. Must be magic. But, pie is 3.

    hemidactylus, critical theory? I’m a firm proponent of critical ass theory. It successfully predicts how many asses are in a room before they all collapse into assholes.
    I’ll just get my hat…

  14. gijoel says

    Yes Pete, come to Australia to reason away our wokeness. Then we’ll point at you and laugh.

    Also Peta Credlin use to be Tony Abbott’s, yes that Tony Abbott, chief of staff. So you can tell the caliber of Sky’s talking heads.

  15. wzrd1 says

    Permanently restrict him to an Aboriginal Reserve, treated with all of the rights and privileges of a century ago.
    Bet that’ll woke his ass up!

  16. Alt-X says

    Sky”news” is the Aus version of Fox “news”. Not news, just alt-right propaganda machine owned by Murdouch. They don’t have any original thoughts (especially Cretin, rumoured to have had an affair with a nutter catholic bigot that was PM until being fired for sucking so bad). So they just copy the American alt-right talking points. ‘Merica say trans bad, zombie NPC Aus Sky”news” say trans bad. Mostly people know they’re just d-ckheads but they’re popular with the Christian boomer nutters, the anti-vax and Nazi bigots. They do their best to interfere in politics and spread outrage so people watch the TV adverts. They’re pretty disgusting humans doing their best to turn Australia into ‘Merica. ASIO should bust them as foreign political influencers but they’re too busy spying on environmentalists.

  17. raven says

    I’m still trying to find out if Peter Boghassian has a functioning mind.
    Google doesn’t really help very much. He is so boring even Google doesn’t care.

    AFAICT, his big claim to fame is criticizing “grievance studies”.
    And what are they?

    Noun grievance studies (uncountable)

    (derogatory) Academic fields that are perceived by critics as airing grievances with society rather than rigorously pursuing truth.

    Usage notes
    Commonly used by the right wing or Intellectual Dark Web in reference to left-leaning disciplines such as gender studies, Black studies, feminist theory, postcolonialist theory, and critical race theory.

    Basically, a straw person for the far right wingnuts.
    Grievance studies only exist in right wingnut’s heads.

    And, Peter Boghassian and his co-kooks are the main leaders in grievance studies.
    Peter Boghassian is sure that white, cis het males in Western society are a discriminated, persecuted, and endangered minority.
    The fact that white cis het males own and run most of our society and have for the last few millennia doesn’t seem to have much influence on white grievance studies.

  18. says

    Please show me how to calculate a “wokeness” index

    “If you can read this index, you’re too woke.”

    Next question…?

  19. wzrd1 says

    Raging Bee, that’s just wrong.
    “If you’re AAOx3, you’re too woke.”*

    *Awake, aware and oriented to time, place and self. Anti-wokes tend to be awake, aware and oriented enough to wonder why they’re inside of a picnic basket, looking for some lizard that’s odd.