I won’t do that

I am constantly surprised by all the companies that want to pay me money to advertise on my YouTube channel. It’s a tiny channel, infrequently updated, so they must be desperate if they’re reaching out to me. This latest offer, though…guess what I think of it?

Avalanche Software, Inc.
Centrum Sumavska, Sumavska 416/15, 602 00
Brno, Czech Republic
Esteemed Prospective Partner:
Our company has found your YouTube channel interesting as a subject to promote our game “Hogwarts Legacy”.
We have been exploring your channel for some time and we enjoy your creativity so we are sure that we can be useful to each other!
If you are interested in our offer, please reply to this email and we will send you a media kit which includes a promotional video and the terms of the advertising contract!
Kind regards,
John Bahringer

First, I am put off by dishonesty. No, you didn’t find my channel interesting, and you probably never even looked at the content. You’ve got a ranked list by order of the number of subscribers, and you’ve been working through it and found me down near the bottom. That’s it.

But secondly, and more importantly — advertise Hogwarts Legacy? HELL NO. You want me to contribute to the coffers of wicked transphobe and bad writer JK Rowling? Not gonna happen. Never in my lifetime. I’ll go the other way and suggest that everyone should boycott Hogwarts Legacy. I’m going to side with Jessie Gender on that.

In addition to being an obnoxious writer of tedious potboilers, that thread also shows that JK Rowling can’t read.


  1. says

    Can’t help but to wonder did the 2020-2021 pandemic got to her head so badly that she just lost it after spending years turning her Harry Potter series into a worldwide hit franchise?

  2. cartomancer says

    Aha, but would you take my money to DEMOTE the game? I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would pay to see PZ Myers blasting the thing and its regressive values back up the cloaca it came from?

  3. says

    @1: The Wizarding World lore surrounding goblins has often been accused of being based on known antisemitic tropes.[24][25]…

    Well, that’s kinda new. Jews are normally portrayed as weak cowardly money-grabbers, not scary monsters who can actually fight. Or are the goblins being controlled by some shadowy cabal…?

  4. says

    I’m not sure I get what Rowling is trying to say. Earl made a nuanced statement, and Rowling responded by…criticizing Earl for not having conformed to Rowling’s caricature? I honestly don’t know if I’m reading it right.

  5. specialffrog says

    Okay, this makes the Midnight Society joke about Rowling claiming she invented owls make sense.

  6. killyosaur says

    @7 considering I read both parts of that thread, you seem to be reading it correctly. She seems to be applying a slippery slope argument to the Jessie Earl’s more nuanced position.

  7. killyosaur says

    @6, there are a number of varying antisemitic stereotypes. I think that the goblins being largely bankers, greedy, with large noses is what most refer to. Not sure if they are presented as cowardly in the books (never read them, I’ve only ever watched the movies) so cannot speak to any further elements of the standard stereotype as the movies didn’t go much further than the above…

  8. dstatton says

    As a frequent visitor to their Czech Republic, I am curious as to why Brno wants to advertise on your, or anyone’s, YouTube channel. It’s the second biggest city in the country.

  9. microraptor says

    @11: They’re not directly show as cowardly but they are treacherous, scheming, and don’t consider a promise made to a non-goblin as one that has to be kept.