The Gräderdämmerung

Schläfst du, Lehrer? I did not sleep well last night. I was up and down all night long, struggling to get the rest I need today. You see, I did a terrible thing: I set the deadline for submission of all finals, final essays, and term papers in all three of my classes for the same instant, at midnight last night. I think I may have accidentally wired a connection from the digital bit bucket to my brain, so all night long as papers were sent in I’d get a jolt of electrons directly into the attention centers of my hindbrain.

Or it might have just been general dread at what I was going to find waiting for me in the morning. Those damn Valkyries were galloping through my head all night long, and now I must rise! Reite zur Wal!

Hojotoho! hojotoho! heiaha! heiaha!


  1. mordred says

    Got something else to rob my sleep last night. Got up at ca. 2 am because the cats seemed to be destroying the place (They must have clawed my DVDs out of the shelf…) and then decided to join the fun they had with their new toy.

    Eventually we cooperated, I moved the dresser and the two cats chased the mouse into the box.
    Sadly, they thought I would give it back to them, but I set it free at the edge of the garden. They were still pissed of this morning…

  2. silvrhalide says

    @ It’s a secret feline plot. My hairy teenage idiot decided that 3am was kitty magic hour, galloped around like a lunatic, then found a spider for extra fun… and ate it. Hoping the spider doesn’t put in a reappearance, as she sometimes eats things that don’t necessarily agree with her (houseplants mostly. Eat the damn cat grass and leave my houseplants alone, dammit.)

  3. mordred says

    @3 I got the two from the shelter only three weeks ago. They seemingly got used to the new place on the second night allready, from 2 am on the chased each other through all rooms, including over the bed and me…
    Spiders and other insects seem to be good for cats, I had quite a few cats who hunted and ate arthropods every chance they got and never had any digestive problems. Half digested mice I had to clean up quite often…

  4. mordred says

    Followup to 4: And that noise just now turned out to be my entire Queen collection hittng the floor…

  5. silvrhalide says

    @5 D’oh! Yeah, they’re good at that stuff. Congrats on the adoption though, good job getting two at the same time–they can occupy each other when you need to do stuff, like earn a living.

    Senior kitty (nearly 16) loved crickets and grasshoppers but had the distressing habit of wanting to share them… would drop a half-eaten cricket at my feet, vomit the other half later. Or else she would walk around with muffled meowing because she had the cricket in her mouth and the legs sticking out… yuck. Just eat the damn cricket already. Usually not a problem with spiders though teenage kitty seems to have a more sensitive digestive tract than senior kitty… argh.

  6. robro says

    I’m on holiday the next 17 days. I’m “practicing” retirement and turned off work for the first time in a long time. Not quite the same as real retirement because there are many things to do this time of year so no chance I’l get bored. But, the idea is straight forward: don’t let the banshees, hobgoblins, and demons of work into my world for a couple of weeks.