Kari Lake, loser

I wasn’t convinced that Lake had actually lost — it was close! — but now I’m happy to accept it. Sean Hannity announced her defeat! That’s how you know it’s true, Fox News and its loud pundits will only accept reality grudgingly.

Don’t weep for Ms Lake, though, I’m sure she has a profitable and angry future in front of her as another shrieking voice of resentment on one of those conservative news networks.


  1. StevoR says


    For the first part of that at least.

    Isn’t there some way Faux Notnews can be shut down as an obvious threat to the safety and future of the USA?

    Can’t Rupert Murdoch (& co) be made responsible and face consequences – including ideally being personally jailed for the rest of his life – for his decades of brain-rotting that led to among other things Jan 6th attempted Trumpist Christian Supremacist Coup and the ensuing kari Lake & other Election Deniers? Ofcours ethere’s there’s the evil further extreme OAN ad nauseam which similarly need shutting down for sanity’s sake -and the nation”s, even the worlds.

    Should it really be possible and encouraged for any TV networks to run massive political disinformation and inciting hatred and violence campaigns?

  2. StevoR says

    ^ Huh. I actually meant “even further” not “evil further” there but in retrospect it still kinda works.

  3. Ridana says

    Funny, I don’t recall Hannity or anyone else at Fox saying SOS Kemp should’ve recused himself when running for GA gov. But he’s right that Hobbs should have too (I didn’t realize she was currently SOS). Except that Kemp already tossed that ethical norm out the window, so there’s no longer any reason Dems need to be hobbled by it when Rs refuse to be.

  4. says

    #1: If it can be demonstrated that Fox’s public actions consistently pose a “clear and present danger” to national security or civil order, then that could well serve as a solid pretext to, say, dissolve NewsCorp, seize its assets, and charge some of its top officers with criminal offenses. Or, the Feds can simply drop all the criminal charges if the officers just roll over and cooperate with the dissolution of the company. What’s the phrase local cops use? Oh yeah, “civil asset forfeiture.”

  5. nomaduk says

    The fact that that smooth-skinned, perfectly-coiffed KareNazi lost by only 20,000 votes does not fill me with warm fuzzies.

  6. says

    nomaduk@6 if it’s any consolation I suspect at least a few people voted for Kari Lake because they confused her with talk show host/actress Ricki Lake.

  7. StevoR says

    @ 7. Moonslicer : Maybe the losing Trumpist lady here could be sent to Coventry Lacus Doloris ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lacus_Doloris ) on our planet’s Moon?

    (I was hoping there was a “sea” or better yet “lake” of tears on the Moon. Or even better Pluto or Triton one of the moons of Uranus. Sadly, that’s about as close as I can find.. )

  8. birgerjohansson says

    StevoR @ 10
    Lacus Doloris is 100 km across, about as big as Rhode Island . The barren surface is at least partly compareable with the drier parts of Arizona.
    In regard to the moon:
    NB Artemis 1 is planned to be launched at 0104 am EST, (0604 Greenwich mean time).
    It is only crewed with dummies simulating astronauts, but it will still be in lunar orbit when we have the 50th anniversary of the last Apollo mission, Apollo 17.
    I am am old-timer who recall it, and I could never have anticipated it would take literally half a century until humankind returned!
    Anyway, if there is no TV coverage where you live, check out the launch at Youtube.
    The launch will be from Launch Pad 39 B, not 39 A that Apollo 11 used.

  9. says

    nomaduk@6: It also worries me that we didn’t win by a big enough margin; but maybe Hobbs was not a very good campaigner, or maybe Democrats didn’t have a good pre-existing presence in that state. Democrats still have considerable weaknesses, both individually and as a party, and we still have a lot of work to do to mitigate them.

    This isn’t an occasion for warm fuzzies; it’s one serious obstacle we’ve cleared, and time to look ahead to the next obstacles.

  10. Doc Bill says

    The question I have is this: For years we had Kari Lake the local Newsreader. Then we had candidate Kari lake the MAGA Monster.

    So, was candidate Kari Lake the newsreader wearing a Monster costume, or was Kari Lake always a Monster wearing a newsreader costume?

    I’m going to go for Door Number Two on this.

  11. says

    So suddenly Hannity likes the notion of recusal? Just how is that supposed to work in the case of elected officials running for office? I hope the next time that Hannity talks to his buddy Justice Thomas he shares his new-found fondness for recusal.

  12. raven says

    Mark Finchem #JustFollowTheLaw VoteFinchem.com

    All of those blown up Russian tanks and the “Ghost of Kiev” in videos was fodder for Dems to steal the midterms with money laundering with 10% for the big guy. #FTXScam
    5:27 PM · Nov 14, 2022

    Another Arizona crazy loses.

    I’d never even heard of this loon. So many GOP loons, so little time.

    BTW, this tweet makes no sense whatsoever. He links unrelated ideas together that have no connection and nothing to do with each other. What does blown up Russian tanks in Ukraine have to do with money laundering? Nothing.
    You launder money with cryptocurrencies and by buying expensive condos in Trump tower.

    Adrian Fontes D 1,299,784 votes 52.5%
    Mark Finchem R 1,178,588 votes 47.5%
    It wasn’t even close, considering this is Arizona.

    Wikipedia Finchem has been married four times, and has been estranged for over two decades from two adult children and has not met his grandchildren by them, according to family members.

    Most of the time when you look closely at these right wingnut loons, they’ve clearly got problems relating to society and other humans.
    The other crazy in Arizona, Gosar, has his family members saying not to vote for him because he is a slimer.

  13. birgerjohansson says

    Doc Bill @ 13
    “Was Kari Lake always a monster?”

    The triviality of evil, revisited. Before 1933, no one could have guessed so many would be willing to become monsters.

  14. moonslicer says

    @ Stevo R #10

    “Sadly, that’s about as close as I can find..”

    No worries. That will do nicely.

    @birgerjohannson #16

    “Before 1933, no one could have guessed so many would be willing to become monsters.”

    It’s a question I’ve mulled over for many, many years, and I’m still no closer to the answer. What happens to such people? How do they go so badly wrong? How do they become so thoroughly poisoned? I don’t understand it at all.

  15. dstatton says

    In 2000, Florida’s Secretary of State also chaired Bush’s campaign. She was also responsible for purging the roles of qualified registered voters.

  16. nomaduk says

    moonslicer@18: What happens to such people? How do they go so badly wrong? How do they become so thoroughly poisoned? I don’t understand it at all.

    There are lots of good books on the subject. Here’s the one I’m reading now:-

    The US and UK aren’t quite there yet, but there are enough parallels to make one worry ever so slightly and want to keep one’s passport up to date.

  17. says

    “Should have recused herself”? I suppose Kari Lake will take that one to the Supreme Court and use Hannity as an expert witness to convince Judge Thomas to overturn the result.

  18. StevoR says

    @ ^ Brony, Social Justice Cenobite : Absolutely. We are already feeling the impacts of Global Overheating right now. Taking serious action on that is long overdue indeed already toolate in some respects. Though the more we do and the sooner we do it the better still.

    BTW for clarity from #10 – Triton is a moon of Neptune NOT Uranus, sorry. I meant to have an “or” there after the moon’s name. Even better because that’s further away from the rest of us!

  19. kukulkan says

    Her Twitter statement: “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

    Quite an apropos epitaph. LOL

  20. christoph says

    @ moonslicer, # 18: If you have time, check out Dr. Stanley Milgram’s Obedience research. He was researching why so many people obeyed the Nazis so blindly and came up with some disturbing insights. There’s a movie based on his experiments titled “The Tenth Level” with William Shatner in the title role.

  21. silvrhalide says

    Kari who?
    Had anyone outside of whatever local AZ media she was on previously heard of her before her Loco Express campaign to be governor of AZ?
    Is that crickets I hear?
    So now she can go back to her regular job of daytime TV news for semiconscious senior citizens in AZ.

    Seriously, what is it about AZ that seems to breed lunatics? Jan Brewer was clearly off the rails and she was inexplicably voted in to run the entire state. This is the crazy lady who insisted that people were being beheaded in the AZ desert and had been found by law enforcement officials. Neither headless bodies nor law enforcement officials who had found them were ever actually found.
    I’d ask if it was something in the water supply but AZ barely had any water and has less of it every year, thanks to climate change, which a disturbingly large percentage of Arizonans will tell you is a hoax.

    Maybe it’s some kind of mold or virus in the desert dust that really goes to town on the cognitive function of humans when inhaled?

  22. nomaduk says

    silvrhalide@29: My Roman History professor’s favourite (most likely tongue-in-cheek, though it seems plausible enough) explanation for the rise of nutsy-crazy monotheistic absolutists in the Middle East, who really irritated everyone else whose gods were pretty laid back about other gods, was that wandering around in the desert heat simply baked their brains.

    One could make the same argument for Arizona.

  23. christoph says

    @ John Morales, # 28: Thanks for sharing the article. The criticisms of Dr. Migram’s work were a little unfair, and the article had some false statements: It stated that Migram concluded that “anyone could be a Nazi under certain circumstances,” but Milgram concluded that 65% of his test subjects were capable of going all the way to the end of the experiment-35% had the moral capacity to resist.
    There were those who reviled him for his work, I think because he showed them a side of themselves they didn’t want to see.
    There was another quote in the article to the effect that we’ve changed a lot since then, but one look at all the Trump supporters suggests otherwise.