1. says

    We are ‘positive’ Fake Flake Masterbaiter has always been a huge ‘negative’. We of conscience and a sense of decency worked our assets off to prevent him from winning. Flake Blake and tRUMP should be ‘charged’ with the crimes they have committed against society with their arrogant sociopathy.
    Scarizona is a cesspool of rtwing Nat.C corruption, hate and violence. We barely prevented being drowned in it.

  2. silvrhalide says

    So… there are multiple nonworking voting machines but only one stolen electron? Does that mean all the voting machines are now bonded through that one shared electron or is it a redox reaction? Now I’m curious.

  3. says

    @3 silvrhalide.
    If you are referring to a slight glitch in Scarizona voting machines. The machines never failed to work properly. It was just a printer glitch that was fixed in minutes. It’s the rtwing oaf keepers that have flailed and failed/

  4. silvrhalide says

    @5 I was referring to the OP in which Dolt 45 claims the electron was stolen. Only one electron? Just one electron?
    So… are all the “nonworking” voting machines (improbably) bonded to each other through the shared/stolen electron (maybe it’s a ring molecule, like a PAH?) or is it a series of redox reactions in which the stolen electron is repeatedly swapped?

  5. dstatton says

    whee I live I have to vote ij my precinct. Kari Lake voted in a different one? Is that attempted fraud?

  6. Walter Solomon says

    People were forced to wait for hours

    Of course that’s only a problem when it happens to white, Republican voters.

  7. drsteve says

    It’s a step in the right direction. A trend of spontaneous rapid oxidation of MAGA politicians might be just what this country needs.

  8. brightmoon says

    Damn can’t think of a good chemistry joke right now . Other than Dolt45 being a bad joke

  9. hemidactylus says

    He’s so obsessed with Desantis that his name is creeping into Trump’s language in odd places. ElectRon.

  10. Snarki, child of Loki says

    The negative implications of this electron must be blamed on Benjamin Franklin.

  11. silvrhalide says

    @11 Oh come on, how is Dolt 45 not wildly appropriate?
    From the link:
    “Mr. Freedom (John Abbey) is a Washington D.C. police officer who drinks Colt 45 on duty”
    and really, you can’t tell me the photo in the link doesn’t perfectly symbolize the entirety of the malignant metastasizing wart that is Dolt 45. Or at least the right wingnuts’ version of an American superhero.

  12. Tethys says

    The GOP would certainly be improved by losing a free radical.

    I am happy that even the residents of Maricopa County rejected his endorsed candidate.

    The AZ race is currently at only 800 votes difference between the candidates, and I’m hoping that the trend continues. I predict Georgia will follow the rest of the people, and reject the brain injured football guy for Senator when they have a runoff.

    Cliches about rats and sinking ships seem apropos.

  13. John Morales says


    Trump is not on Twitter, yet what’s in any other words a ‘tweet’ from him features as a post here.

    What it suggests to me is that, at least as far as PZ is concerned, Trump is still newsworthy.

  14. says

    It’s only one electron, but it’s influencing all of those votes? It must be quantum entanglement manifesting as spooky action at a distance — the distance in question being the approximately (2.1 * 10^38)h from Phoenix to a certain “golf club” in Florida easily infiltrated by Chinese intelligence agents.

    If, that is, I’ve done the math correctly (and ignoring the fiddly units that can’t be easily represented in this comment box without making it look like spam). I like to think that acknowledging someone should check my math — it’s been 40 years since PChem — puts me ahead of just about any politician. And definitely ahead of Masters or Drumpf, neither of whom could spell “Planck” if given the first five letters and a dictionary.

  15. Tethys says


    It’s schadenfreude to watch the head bigot babble nonsense at this point.

    It’s newsworthy because his exit is long over due, and worth noting due to his tendency to confess his crimes via social media. Here he is claiming to have fixed an election in favor of DeSantis. Getting that omission in print is a completely unexpected bonus. Nobody needs a slightly smarter version of maga trash so crashing and burning now would save us the trouble of fixing Florida’s fascist infestation issue.

  16. John Morales says

    Right. If vanity fair publishes about Trump, Trump must perforce be newsworthy.
    I appreciate the effort you took to adduce the link to the story, I’m sure you think it’s quite spicy.

    (Ah yes, the schadenfreude of seeing Trump lose his media profile, and of seeing — and seeking out — news stories about his purported irrelevance.)

  17. silvrhalide says

    @22 Well it looks like the rabid rat abandoned ship.
    (no, I will not link directly to her Twitter account and give the rabid rat the extra traffic. It’s not that hard to find if you are so inclined.)
    Ann Coulter

    To Trump:
    You had your chance, with a Republican House and Senate. You handed domestic policy to your son-in-law and Gary Cohn. You handed foreign policy to your son-in-law and a country that gave your son-in-law $2 billion.

    Shut the fuck up, forever.

    and of course, this:
    Jared Fox
    Nov 11
    Replying to
    To Ann,
    Serious question, are you now less relevant than Karl Rove?

    Let the implosion begin.
    Or just sit back, relax and watch the MAGAts turn cannibal.

  18. Tethys says

    Gotta love it when pompous foreign know it alls criticize Americans for staying informed about the results of an election that decided which party retains the majority in the Senate. The long prophesied red wave was a red trickle of menstrual blood.

    Hooray, democracy wins! Watching the rats desert the fascist is almost as satisfying as getting to see him perp walked off to prison.

    Having the head rat incriminate the heir apparent rat is a bonus. Ignoring assholes never seems to make them go away, so indicting them works for me. The last thing the US needs is more vile white magats in public office.

  19. HidariMak says

    John Morales @ 24…
    I refuse to refer to the rantings of the biggest conman of a president in US history as a “truth”, preferring the much more appropriate “bleat”.
    As to why, it’s sort of like watching Daffy Duck trying to captain the Titanic, after the iceberg. During the 4 years he was in power, he had to be watched for similar reasons that a toddler with a loaded handgun had to be watched. It’s nice to see him squirm and suffer, the same way that he made so many people in his entire life squirm and suffer. He’s going down, he’s panicking, and he can’t prevent it because there’s nothing he can do about it. The Republican party has finally realized their error in sticking with Trump, and Trump’s strongest proponents in the party may very well soon be seeing their own undoing for doing so. Some of Trump’s biggest sycophants will also likely be going under the hammer legally soon as well. I’m grabbing my popcorn.

  20. John Morales says


    I refuse to refer to the rantings of the biggest conman of a president in US history as a “truth”, preferring the much more appropriate “bleat”.

    Fair enough. Definitely not a tweet, though.

    Just looks like one, and people pay attention to it as if it were one.

    It’s nice to see him squirm and suffer, the same way that he made so many people in his entire life squirm and suffer.

    Ah, I wish I had your rosy view.
    Me, I think he’s an inveterate narcissist and could not be happier than when people are paying attention to him. Makes him feel important.
    What could be better in life than that?

    (Conan, he ain’t)

    I’m grabbing my popcorn.

    Yeah, well.

    I remember that, not long after his election, TYT (“young turks channel”) had a bunch of stories predicting his imminent demise. Wore thin after a bit.

    (Would have been a ton of popcorn to get through, since 2016)

  21. says

    the Senate stays Democratic even if the idiots in GA elect the brain-dead, morally-bankrupt deadbeat dad and wife beater to the Senate in December.

    However, there are significant advantages in having 51 Dem Senators — notably, they would get a majority of members on every committee rather than the current power sharing agreement:

    And someone like Kirsten Sinema would lose the power to singlehandedly block a vote (but eliminating the filibuster would still be out of reach since both Sinema and Manchin–at least–oppose doing so).

  22. says

    Only one electron? Just one electron?

    Hey, in “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin, the aliens only need two protons to destroy humanity.

    Autocorrect error. They stole Master’s erection.

    Maybe Master can borrow one from one of his subs until he gets it back…?

  23. birgerjohansson says

    The ancient greek word for amber is elektron. Somebody stole his amber jewelry/ his collection of amber containing old organisms?