1. Matt G says

    But wait, where are the transitional comics in which he acknowledges he was completely and utterly wrong about The Donald?

  2. christoph says

    It would have been even better if it showed DeSantis kicking sand in Donald’s face on the beach.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Garrison needs to polish his style. Adolph and Benito would never have tolerated such sloppy drawings.

  4. hillaryrettig1 says

    I’m assuming that’s the Post, but more generally the press is doing it all over again: blessing the worst fascist in the room with tons of adulatory press coverage.

    They should be covering Whitmer’s win or Shapiro’s. Whitmer won in a rationally-districted state (is that the opposite of unfairly gerrymandered?) state. Shapiro also pulled out a strong win.

    No, all the buzz is about DeSantis, basically ensuring we’ve got another Trump on our hands.

  5. wobbly says

    The full comic makes this an even stranger outlier for Garrison. Along with the “no longer friends with Trump, Desantis is now my best friend” energy, it also depicts Fetterman not in Ben’s usual way of making him look like Sloth from The Goonies, and it even has a grudging acknowledgment that he was wrong about the red-wave induced decimation of the Dems that he was expecting.

    From a general lunatic like Garrison, I was honestly kind of flabbergasted when I first saw it.

  6. dstatton says

    He bragged that he was kicked off Facebook because of an anti-fluoride cartoon. I guess I’m not surprised, but that issue is old-hat by now. Dr.Strangelove was made in 1962!

  7. KG says

    He’s still drawing Trump as slim, and a normal colour.

    Adolph – birgerjohansson@2

    Hitler’s first name was Adolf. If you’re going to suggest familiarity by using his first name, why not get it right?

  8. SchreiberBike says

    Trump had a lot of power but he squandered it because of his stupidity. If DeSantis can master Trump’s fascist leadership style, he’s much more dangerous because he’s smarter.

  9. KG says

    If DeSantis can master Trump’s fascist leadership style, he’s much more dangerous because he’s smarter. – SchreiberBike

    Very unlikely that he can. Trump’s chaotic, incoherent, transparently ignorant (to anyone knowledgeable) ranting is a feature not a bug as far as qualification as a fascist leader is concerned. People continue to grossly underestimate Trump. Sure, he’s grossly ignorant, lazy, and in some respects, unintelligent, but Otto Strasser’s description of Hitler fit him all too well:

    Adolf Hitler enters a hall. He sniffs the air. For a minute he gropes, feels his way, senses the atmosphere. Suddenly he bursts forth. His words go like an arrow to their target, he touches each private wound on the raw, liberating the mass unconscious, expressing its innermost aspirations, telling it what it most wants to hear….

    Hitler responds to the vibrations of the human heart with the delicacy of a seismograph, or perhaps of a wireless receiving set, enabling him, with a certainty with which no conscious gift could endow him, to act as a loud-speaker proclaiming the most secret desires, the least admissible instincts, the sufferings and personal revolts of a whole nation…

    By all accounts, De Santis lacks Turmp’s “charisma”. Of course neither in Hitler’s case, nor Trump’s, is it literally “the whole nation” that responds as the “Great Leader” would wish, and for most of those who do not, Trump’s very voice makes the skin crawl. But the fact that he won the nomination, the presidency (admittedly, only through the undemocratic electoral college) and for two years after his defeat has continued to hold the Republican Party in thrall, and dominate the national conversation, should tell us something.

  10. unclefrogy says

    I tend to agree with that florida man does not have the gift that the “dumpster” had and has honed it for years swindling banks and investors and “customers” but florida man is far crueler and heartless where dumpster just does not nor can not care fore anyone but himself. other people just are no concern other then a source of money and fame, live or die it is meaningless. Florida man has and will continue to engage in actively hurting people because he likes it.