I hope this is the start of a Halloween tradition

Our local movie theater is a non-profit coop, which means they occasionally surprise the community with neat little surprises like this.

That is awesome, an opportunity to see some oldies on the big screen for free (and sell popcorn on the side). I would happily spend all afternoon and evening in the theater, except that today I have to dig myself out of the hole I made yesterday when I was flattened by the vaccine. Maybe I can sneak away for one showing.

If they do this again in the future, what I’d like to see is some of the older movies that I never had a chance to see in the theater. Karloff/Lugosi/Chaney stuff, the black & white classics I’ve only seen in late-night television, sprinkled with used car commercials. Or do a whole month of Hammer films. I’d plan my whole October calendar around that.


  1. hemidactylus says

    Ummm…The Blair Witch Project? Seriously? Substitute Phantasm as a good complement to the original Nightmare and call it a day. Egads!

  2. hemidactylus says

    Oh and the Johnny Depp death scene in Nightmare is now so retrospectively satisfying, but apparently not the worst thing to befall him involving a bed. Sorry had to go there. Brain bleach that mental image.

  3. cartomancer says

    Well, since it’s a co-op with an annual meeting on Saturday 29th October you might be able to go along and put forward your suggestions in a way they might accommodate.

  4. robro says

    Wow! A midnight Rocky Horror showing! That takes me back a few minutes. If I lived around Morris, I would see that.

  5. says

    The important point that I get from this story is what our organization as been doing and advocating for years: support decent local businesses and cooperatives, starve the huge dishonest Corporate Capitalist parasites. PZ, Correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. billringo says

    Hammer Films! Drive-in with young siblings sleeping in the back and my ballerina squeeze in the front of the Ford Falcon. Glory days.

  7. Kevin Karplus says

    Does the RHPS showing have a shadow cast? I’m not seeing Morris as part of Bostwick’s tour.

    Disclaimer: my son in the Barely Legal shadow cast and will be doing 5 shows in October as Brad (at least one of which is part of Bostwick’s tour).

  8. billseymour says

    Is there a Met. Lounge in Morris?

    When I first read that, I thought of Metropolitan Lounges, first-class lounges at Amtrak stations (except on the Northeast Corridor where they’re called Club Acelas).  The one nearest to Morris is in Saint Paul. 8-)

  9. magistramarla says

    robro@ #4,
    I think I’ve seen you mention that you are in the SF or Bay area.
    Is Monterey too far for you to come for it?
    Our Monterey Weekly has an ad for The Paperwing Theater Supper Club on Cannery Row having a showing of RHPS on Friday and Saturday nights, 10/7-10/29. Includes live music by The Scalps.
    I’m planning to try to talk my husband into it for a date night.

  10. magistramarla says

    When I was teaching in San Antonio, my GSA kids loved going to the midnight showing of RHPS every October.
    When they realized that some of the members couldn’t afford tickets (living on streets or couch surfing because parents had thrown them out), they did some fundraising to pay for the tickets.
    The culinary arts teacher was an ally. She let us use the kitchen to bake and decorate cupcakes and cookies with rainbows and sparkles. We packaged them and the kids sold them at the bus circle. I know it’s not PC, but they called themselves “The Snack Fairies”. It was all totally their ideas.
    It could not look like a school-sponsored event, so my husband and I “just happened” to be in the theater that night.
    That GSA group had a truly wonderful time that night.
    My husband and I had fun just watching them get into it. Wonderful memory!

  11. fishy says

    Yes. Karloff.
    The scene where the monster is pinned beneath a burning beam in the windmill. The monster is screaming in agony.
    True horror.
    Great acting.

  12. fergl says

    Had to do some serious parent pestering to be allowed to watch the late night Hammers. Happy days.

  13. Silentbob says

    I always thought the scene of the guy carrying the corpse of his daughter through the town was the most disturbing thing in the Karloff Frankensteins. Dark stuff for the thirties.

    I recently watched the old Universal horrors – Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Mummy – and the problem with the Frankensteins is if you watched Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks, you can’t stop cracking up. When you see the scene with the blind guy in the cabin serving soup (“soup good”) from Bride of Frankenstein, or the guy with the mechanical arm he pushes around making ratchet noises (Son of Frankenstein), it’s just impossible not to think of Brooks’ parodies and completely lose it. X-D

  14. fishy says

    Dark stuff.
    Lon Cheney in The Phantom of the Opera has run out of room after the mob has chased him to the bank of the Seine.
    He holds his fist in the air as if he is holding something threatening, He is able to hold them back, but knows it is a hapless gesture. He opens his hand whereupon the mob beats him to death and throws him in the river.

    As an aside, it’s kind of sad that the kids won’t sit still for a b&w film, let alone one that’s silent.

  15. robro says

    magistramarla @ #10 — Thanks for letting me know. I’ll make note of it, but Monterey is a haul from where I am. Now, a midnight show at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco…that would be a hoot for an old timer, but alas, not on their schedule or the Castro Theater.

  16. birgerjohansson says

    The Japanese kaiju film with Frankensteins monster fighting monsters.
    The Killer Condom.
    Santa Claus Conquers Mars*
    *(this one is horrible in a different manner)
    The film where Ernest Borgnine plays the devil (It has several titles).
    The film where Kirk Douglas accidentally triggers the end of days with his nuclear powerplant (also has several titles)
    Wild Zero (Japanese hard rock band saves Earth from alien-induced zombie invasion, kills demon, cuts up a soaceship with a katana-guitar)

  17. birgerjohansson says

    Wallace and Gromit fights a were-rabbit in a film. And Abe Lincoln did some interesting stuff, too.

  18. Kevin Karplus says

    @robro http://barelylegal.rhps.org/ lists 5 shows in October (Oct 15 in Petaluma, Oct 20 in Sacramento w/ Bostwick, Oct 22 in Modesto, Oct 30 in San Jose, Oct 31 in Berkeley). My son will be playing Brad in all of those—though for some he will be just one of multiple Brads—everyone in the troupe does the Berkeley show, for example.

    San Francisco is mostly covered by the Bawdy Caste troupe, rather than the Barely Legal troupe. Bawdy Caste have shows at Balboa Theater on Oct 29 and Oct 31, and in Menlo Park on Oct 21 (https://bawdycaste.com/).

  19. jenorafeuer says

    Curse of the Were-Rabbit was silly fun, as to be expected from Wallace and Grommit. I got to see that at its North American Premiere at TIFF. (Helena Bonham Carter was in attendance, among others from the film. Amusingly she was at the festival for two different movies where she was lead voice actress, since Corpse Bride was the same year.)

    Some locals used to do a regular showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show starting somewhat after midnight on the Sunday when Daylight Savings Time ended, scheduled so the ‘Time Warp’ song would be playing at 2am when the time switch happened. They described it as ‘doing the Time Warp through the time warp’.