The conspiracy theories are getting wilder

Steve Bannon. Speaking at a Turning Point USA conference. With Alex Jones. Summarizing the evil schemes of the elites.

It’s too much. I couldn’t even imagine what batcrap nonsense was going to come out of his mouth, and Bannon was definitely balls-to-the-wall. This is an impressive conspiracy theory.

“This is the biggest inflection point in human history,” Bannon said. “In the lived experience of half of this room, or maybe more, we’re going to get to a point where you’re going to have Human 2.0. Right? They’re telling you that. They’re funding that. This is not science fiction, this is fact.”

Note: it is not a fact.

Bannon claimed “they” want to be “immortal” and could be working on this covert “Human 2.0” mission under the guise of doing good.

“They talk about they’re going to save kids, and they’re going to do this — that’s all crap. They want to be immortal. Right? And they also say there’s too many people, the carrying capacity of this planet– there’s too many people,” Bannon argued.

The true “great replacement theory,” he added, is the replacement of Homo sapiens.

“You know, they’re all over Tucker [Carlson] and the great replacement theory and about the thing. Hey, the great replacement theory is Homo sapiens. That’s what they’re trying to replace,” Bannon said.

“Of course you haven’t heard about it. They don’t want to talk about it,” Bannon told the crowd. “They’re just going to do it. And they’re going to call it the Cancer Moonshot. This is what we have to stop.”

He gives the game away near the end. Bannon’s ilk have been pushing the Great Replacement nonsense, the idea that “they” (which usually means “the Jews”) are replacing white people with brown people, and this new idea is simply a distraction from the patently racist stuff Tucker Carlson is mainstreaming. Now the idea is that “they” aim to replace all of humanity with immortal genetically engineered non-humans, all done under the guise of treating cancer.

It’s not enough that they have been undermining treatment of infectious disease, hey, let’s spread the conspiracy theory that cancer therapies make you non-human. The logic is going to be persuasive to all those deluded folk in QAnon.

He has got to work on his delivery, though. He has none of the charisma of Charlton Heston.

“You maniacs, you blew it up! God damn you, God damn you all to hell!” “Soylent Green is people!”


  1. wzrd1 says

    Well, mix and match to male one’s pointless.
    Cancer cells tend to be immortal, so share one’s amorality!
    Or something. One’s proving one’s point when enough spittle is projected.
    And he produces more spittle than an active rabies patient.

  2. Rich Woods says

    After a long, widespread and committed campaign of debunking and education, if all the people who still believed this shit and the drivel like it were indeed Thanos-snapped out of existence, the world would actually be a better place. But I fear the debunk and the snap would have to be repeated every 25 years to have any lasting utility.

  3. Captain Kendrick says

    Hey, I have a better conspiracy theory:

    It’s actually Steven Bannon and Alex Jones who want to see the population of earth to be reduced — there are too many people!
    How much better to accomplish that desire than to convince millions of rubes that life-saving vaccines and cancer therapies are actually a conspiracy by the “them” to control us!

  4. raven says

    The true “great replacement theory,” he added, is the replacement of Homo sapiens.

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t likely to be true.

    We couldn’t replace H. sapiens no matter how hard we tried.
    We don’t have the technology yet or in the forseeable future to do that.
    The most such a replacement would be anyway would be a slightly modified human. Immortal humans are still humans.

    The best we could do is nuke ourselves out of existence in which case, the replacement for us would be the cockroaches.

  5. skeptuckian says

    Sounds like they are just recycling and re-editing plot lines from The X-Files television show from the 1990’s.

  6. says

    Shit, they’re on to us. Time to move on to Plan B. Initiating Build Back Better protocol!
    Once we’ve forced gender reassignment surgery on all the children, and installed litter boxes in all the schools, they’ll be totally defenseless.
    Not even ball-tanning will save them.

  7. Larry says

    And in order to sell the vaccines and cancer therapies as being evil, it’s necessary to ensure that the proles have limited education which has been severely tailored to make their masters of the ruling class to be saints. They only need to know enough to service the robots in the factories that are still making stuff.

  8. raven says

    Bannon is just upping the crazy.
    With all the lunatic fringe nonsense spreading around, you get lost in the clutter unless you have something newer and even crazier.

    The problem with that though, is at some point, no one believes you or cares any more.
    There is so much wrong with Bannon’s statements without facts that no one with a working brain is going to take it seriously.

    He did a Jordan Peterson. Destroyed his credibility with anyone but lunatic fringers.

  9. robro says

    Jared Kushner was recently quoted that he’s getting a lot of exercise because his generation might be the generation that doesn’t die. I thought Bannon and Kushner were on the same team.

  10. elfsternberg says

    Look. All I want is the Human 1.0.2 Patch that that will give me better immunity to viruses and stop me from biting my lip every time I eat a bagel. Major upgrades are always a serious pain in the neck. Although at my age, maybe a major upgrade is needed. My neck hurts quite often.

  11. says

    It reminds me of something Al Franken said about Newt Gingrich.
    I can’t remember the quote exactly, but it went something like;
    “Back in the 60s a lot of us did acid and listened to the Grateful Dead. Newt did acid and watched The Jetsons.”

  12. EvoMonkey says

    This kind if batcrap nonsense is criminal in its predatory effect on the gullible. I’m a scientist at a cancer center in Kentucky at a large state university. I help design and provide lab support for clinical trials. When I talk to the physicians and residents that come from other medical schools, the one thing that amazes them is the late stage cancer cases that we commonly treat here. A lot of that comes from a rural culture with a long history of suspicion and mistrust of doctors. But it’s getting much worse recently from buffoons like this. I have heard accounts of patients that delay treatment and care because of Obamacare conspiracies that hospice is just a cover for death panels and vaccines containing microchips. Now Bannon is decrying the Biden cancer moonshot research program as a cover for creating immortality for liberal elites. This makes me so sad and angry! Not only to they get people to vote against their own interest; they poison them with these ideas that make them delay or refuse the medical treatment that could alleviate their own suffering.

  13. says

    He’s wrong but he’s right. This is a great inflection point. When the agricultural system collapses, people are going to be eyeing all the meat on Bannon’s bones.

  14. Nemo says

    (Disclaimer: I haven’t watched the video.)

    So, assuming it were all true… what exactly is wrong with wanting to be immortal, anyway? I rather like the idea myself.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure Bannon wants to be immortal, and even thinks that he will be. The difference is that he plans to achieve it by way of an “afterlife”, courtesy of his imaginary God, while his (also mostly imaginary) enemies want to do it here in the real world, without divine permission. I guess that’s the real issue for him.

  15. birgerjohansson says

    A GM herpes virus has just had some success against cancer in a small study of 20 patients. This is the kind of progress Bannon and his Cretinoists will try to discredit.

    I have tried to find some garbage that is on Bannons level. Behold the nadir of documentaries.
    GAM 248 Plandemic

  16. warriorpoet says

    At least cancer isn’t contagious. If their gullible followers decide not to make it for their chemo appointments, it won’t be a risk to my friends and family. At least damage from this one will only affect the ones that fall for it.

    Yes, I understand that this is me sounding rather cold and heartless, but a change like this would be a hell of a relief after the way we all witnessed them behaving during COVID.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    We need to create memes a la “snake handling”, something that will make Bannon’s followers remove themselves from the gene pool while there is still something left of the Earth that can be repaired.

  18. says

    He’s right about one thing — there’s too damn many people on this planet. We need to stop having so many babies and start working on making things sustainable, rather than continually exploiting resources.
    The rest of Bannon’s “speech” is just bullshit.

  19. macallan says

    “You maniacs, you blew it up! God damn you, God damn you all to hell!”

    “Oh shit. There goes the planet.”

  20. Bruce says

    Next year, look for smoking to increase a lot, because Tucker will say that getting cancer is a good way to “own the libs”, and MAGA people will buy it.