Emerging out of the brain-fog

I’m still here, fuzzily. Thanks to the drugs, I slept though the night, and after I woke up, I went back to bed for a nap. I’m sort of conscious now.

I did not get my grading done. I did not get the dining room project done. I’m hoping I can swim out of the fog enough to get the grading done this weekend, at least.


  1. hemidactylus says

    I haven’t had an excruciating spasm for a while, but my back has been tweaky lately. Side sleeping aggravates it to where I can hardly stand straight pouring coffee in the morning. If I lie on my back with knees drawn up for a few minutes then slowly straighten my legs several times it gets much better.

  2. wzrd1 says

    @hemidactylus, a pillow under the knees removes tension from the back, obviously when laying on your back. I tend to sleep on my side, but at least I got to sleep that way…
    One method to relax spasms for me is a nice hot bath, my preferred temperature being around 105 degrees F. Yeah, I like it seriously hot. But then, I’m most comfortable when it’s 80, with relatively low humidity.
    Suffice it to say, I’ve had lumbar issues for around 30 years, herniating the long bulging disc 4 years ago. I did the one thing I’ve trained over a thousand soldiers not to do. Don’t catch the collapsing patient, lower them to the floor and get help.
    My wife came home from day surgery from having her gallbladder removed. In the day room, her eyes rolled and she started to go down. Of course I caught her and the sensation of 440 volts going down both cheeks to the balls of my feet ensued. I managed to get her lowered to the ground and she rapidly aroused, wondering what the ceiling was doing in front of her.
    Doctor prescribed a rather potent muscle relaxer, which I never filled and hydrocodone. I broke the 7.5mg caplets in half and loathed every second of histamine dumping that followed a dose. But, opiates and opioids are CNS depressants, which most muscle relaxers are, so thanks for the extra I’ll never take, but no thanks.
    I love opiates and opioids for patients that need them, I loathe taking any of them.

    @PZ, try the bath as hot as you can tolerate, subject to your being able to extricate yourself from the tub after. Epsom salts seem to help, likely by coupling the heat a trifle better.
    I’m also known to advocate for V2 rocket fuel, aka ethanol, within reason.
    And for shit’s sake, take it easy! You’re not the spry young man of 60 any more. ;)

    Note to self: Me, listen to me for once…

  3. whheydt says

    Re: wzrd1 @ #4…
    But do you take that V-2 rocket fuel (75% Ethanol) with liquid Oxygen?
    (Side note…If Audi ever starts making an A-10, I’m going to worry…)