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    Spiders are a part of any home. Why all the hate. They kill the bugs I really hate. Here it’s mostly silverfish and flies. They’re quiet, polite (usually) and murder the hell out of the annoying bugs. What’s not to like.

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin, who says she doesn’t need to watch the video (I have also not watched it), claims an effective way to attract spiders to your house and vicinity is to setup, ideally in a large series of tunnels and caverns, next to a haunted castle filled with Orcs as neighbours. That will attract somewhat middling-sized spiders who find Orcs very tasty toys. Your tunnel-infested cavern will soon be filled with bewebbed Orcs with a variety of snarls and a large family of happy contented large spiders. Watch out, however, for Hobbits bearing blueish Elfin swords, best to let them pass, offering whatever aid and assistance they may need.

    It should be pointed out here the “Orcs” meant are the large ugly ones snarling in an incomprehensible language fighting medieval-ish wars (and often breed for purpose), not those seemingly-snarling in Russian fighting in a medieval-ish style (and often conscripted) in Ukraine. The Orcs in Ukraine are not attractive to spiders, and whatever sympathies one might have for them as duped cannon fodder, those neighbouring Orcs are extremely very unwelcome in Ukraine as an invasion and occupation force.

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    I usually remove the little beasts for their own protection and relocate them outside. They seem to like my shower for some reason; somehow I don’t think they will do well in there. The ones who build webs in out-of-the-way places are allowed to stay, although I don’t think they do well, either. Eventually they become desiccated corpses, which is sad.
    Ants, on the other hand, are evil and must die.

  4. blf says

    In @3, I admitted I had not (yet) watched the video. Now I have… and am still giggling ! Well done, and worth watching…

  5. blf says

    @4 quips “[spiders] seem to like my shower for some reason”.

    Perhaps you are turning into a fly ?

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    @6, no it’s the sink moths. They breed in your drains during the warmer season and spiders love them. They look like fruit flies with bigger wings and they move slower. Perfect spider food. Personally I hate them almost as much as I hate fruit flies. So GO TEAM SPIDER!

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    Perhaps you are turning into a fly?

    I think there’s a “how does Brundlefly eat” joke here, but it’s too early in the day.

  8. azpaul3 says

    This is easy.

    Removal – napalm the house
    Deterrence – napalm the house
    Protection – napalm the house
    Manage the environment – napalm the neighborhood.

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    Nope not doing it. Had a free-range huntsman in the bathroom for several months and no cockroaches. They may sit there motionless and scary but they are a delight to watch when an invading cockroach scuttles past. I do draw the line at finding a
    Sydney Funnelweb lurking between the sheets though.

  10. StevoR says

    @10. Ray Ceeya :yes. Huntsmen spiders are harmless. I move them carefully outside when I find them in my place though -becuause our homes don’t provide enough food for them and they’lleventuallystarve if they stay inside.

    Think of spiders as natural “mortein” -a popular Aussie insecticide.

    As for sea spiders see :

    Note too that “horseshoe crabs” are rather clsoely related to the Arachnids as well.

  11. christoph says

    @Schnitzel Von Knobbschafft, # 12: I also disregarded her advice and googled sea spiders. ᄽ●・●ᄿ

  12. Scott Simmons says

    I’m surprised you’ve never seen Caitlin Henderson before. I was subscribed to her Patreon for a while; her giddy joy when she finds an insect or arachnid species she’s never seen before is infectious.