Myers vs. Meyers: the final, ultimate showdown

I will finally get to the bottom of this. I have discovered that there will be a YouTube interview with the notorious PZ Meyers today at 6pm Central, and I intend to hunt him down and confront him over his long history of stalking me. I will crash this video and tackle the horrible (although, admittedly, handsome) rascal and settle this once and for all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t show up, though. Meyers is a coward who has been dodging me for decades.


  1. blf says

    As usual, poopyhead has it not only backwards, sideways, and inverted, but even wrong: Pee Zed, the character in the interview, has been remorselessly stalked, ambushed, fed to zebrafish, and used as a radioactive spider test case by poopyhead for centuries, for millennium, and before that, they (Pee Zed) were fed to kraken by poopyhead. Most horrifyingly of all, peas were involved! Teh evil cat vomits at the thought of what poopyhead has done to Pee Zed.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    PZ has only one evil version of himself? I have dozens.
    Also, I like those “flying” spiders. Let’s cross-breed them with the Australian ones. Hey, that should be a B film plot!