1. says

    Just spray them with mace.

    Dousing them with crude oil would be more appropriate. I hear that shit sticks to a bespoke suit like nobody’s business. That’s what the otters say, anyway.

  2. raven says

    I thought the loonytarian (fascists) were all for freedom and free markets.
    So now they are going to force banks to invest in fossil fuel companies?

    I doubt if this is legal, even in the current failing superpower known as the USA.

  3. raven says

    A new measure submitted to the Wyoming legislature this week would forbid utilities from providing any electricity to the state that comes from large-scale wind or solar energy projects by 2019. It’s an unprecedented attack on clean energy in Wyoming, and possibly the nation.Jan 13, 2017

    Wyoming Bill Would All But Outlaw Clean Energy by …

    The state of Wyoming had a bill that would outlaw utility scale solar and wind power.

    This is sort of the exact opposite of the free market that right wingnuts claim to worship.

    Did I ever mention that I have complete contempt for right wingnuts? I mean in the last week or so.

  4. kurt1 says

    I mean they are doing that with BDS for years.

    Dousing them with crude oil would be more appropriate.”

    Yeah, thats what i was fantasizing about while reading about the Steven Donziger case.

  5. asclepias says

    That’s just the sort of bill the Wyoming legislature would take up. I’ve lived here on-and-off for 30-some years, and the people that get elected here are the worst. (Fortunately, Wyoming’s counterpart for Molly Ivins is Kerry Drake. You can find his columns if you look up WyoFile.) They might have a problem getting something like that through, though. You may have heard the Bill Gates is building a Natrium reactor in Kemmerer. What most news articles don’t tell you is that the construction here is the product of years of negotiation with Senator John Barrasso (R-WY). The people of Kemmerer back it. The coal-fired power plants around there are scheduled to go offline soon (2023, I think), and the citizens are well-aware that to keep the town going, they are going to need some sort of replacement. As far as I can tell, if the legislature doesn’t want the entire state to go bust, it’s going to have to make some concessions. But then, the feeling around here seems to be that people in power don’t do that. (If you want to read something really interesting, look up the articles from December on water levels in the state (those can also be found in WyoFile). It’s pretty clear that the other thing about being in power around here means that listening to your constituents’ concerns isn’t important. Of course, that works both ways. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have people voting morons into the state legislature every election.

  6. says

    The time for fossil fuels is over. Price per KWh of solar and wind beat coal years ago and that was the last nail. Anyone who knows anything about the energy industry saw this coming decades ago. This BS is being pushed by the ignorant CFOs and CEOs and not by the engineers who actually know how any of it works. They want to keep making money with obsolete technology. That’s not how it works. Just ask anyone who still makes landline telephones.

  7. asclepias says

    Not to mention that people know oil and gas are getting subsidies, but I’ll bet they don’t know what those subsidies are. For one, “intangible assets.” Basically, anything that’s not oil or equipment for getting oil out of the ground can be written off. Our taxes are paying for those companies to all the exploration, ground clearing, and construction. 60-80% of the money is not coming from them, it’s coming from us.

  8. asclepias says

    Just as an aside, those CEOs and CFOs aren’t ignorant. They know full well the way things are going. What they are is greedy, greedy enough to fool as many people as they can into paying their exorbitant salaries for as long as they possibly can.

  9. John Morales says

    asclepias, subsidies indeed.

    The OECD created an inventory in 2015 of subsidies for the extraction, refining, or combustion of fossil fuels among the OECD and large emerging economies. This inventory identified an overall value of $160 to $200 billion per year between 2010 and 2014. Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency has estimated global fossil fuel subsidies as ranging from $300 to $600 billion per year between 2008 and 2015.

    (citations elided, my emphasis, note the second estimate is world-wide unlike the first)

    Quite a bit of dosh.

  10. Kagehi says

    Seems to me that the shorter version of this BS is, “I cancelled myself, so that I can spend more time making money hand over fist whining about how I have been cancelled for telling the ‘Jordan Peterson Truth ™’ Disclaimer: truths in this trademark may not conform to reality, and only vaguely resemble real world problems”.

  11. Kagehi says

    Oops… I really wish these forums had a delete.. lol Got confused over which “tab” I was on and thought it hadn’t posted… Sigh…