Easing back into the flow

You know, I’ve been crippled up with tendinitis for a while, but I got the pain managed fairly quickly, and have since been in heal and repair mode, avoiding putting stress and strain on my ankle. I have not been happy about this, as you might guess. Today I took the bold step — actually, a whole bunch of steps — bundled up, put on a pair of loose fitting boots, and walked a couple of kilometers in -20°C weather.

I made it! I’m in even worse shape than I was before, so I’m a bit worn out, but I didn’t break anything, no tendons ruptured, I’m feeling no pain. I’m on the road to recovery! I just have to keep walking regularly, and next thing you know…the spring field season! Spiders re-emerge! I’ll be out in the weeds again, finding spiders while the ticks find me. It’ll be fun! As long as I don’t break anything again.


  1. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin observes that at that rate of progress, you will soon be able to take an afternoon stroll out to the JWST at L2, fix anything which went wrong, and be back in time for tea the same afternoon. She’d send you some cheese as a gift, but reckons it’s better if you walk over to fetch it yourself.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    If you belonged to the clan of Igors at Discworld, you could pay another Igor to have your leg during the healing process, while you borrowed a good leg enabling you to do normal work.
    Of course, the leg might have a different skin color or – if inherited from an older Igor- have a bit of arthritis.
    The Igors took the concept of recycling to its logical extreme.

  3. cheerfulcharlie says

    Maybe you need a mobility scooter. With American flags and “Lock Trump up!” flag. And a “No plague rats!” bumpsticker.

  4. brightmoon says

    Tendinitis, you’re in good company. Former ballerina Gelsey Kirkland had it . Imagine standing on the tips of your big toes all day with that ,yikes!!!