Hello, your name is Kent Hovind, prepare to be laughed at

Kent is back, begging for attention. Here are a couple of comments he left on my YouTube channel. I’ll respond to them here and be done with him.

Of course you don’t recall, Kent — but I’ve got the receipts. Also, it’s Coyne, not Coyan, so I think it’s safe to assume you haven’t already read Why Evolution is True, which doesn’t surprise me at all. You don’t read anything about the science you disparage, let alone even popular summaries. You’re a know-nothing.

Why should I “debate”? I can talk about evolution and science without asking you to jump in and provide commentary from an ignorant point of view. You’re adding nothing to the discussion.

I accepted an invitation to debate in my callow, foolish youth five or six years ago, when you were getting out of prison for tax dodging. You didn’t accept my insistence that you couldn’t profit one-sidedly from it, and it was you that refused.

Again, you can’t respond in a debate on evolution. I’ve seen you at work. You’ve got nothing to offer other than mischaracterization (“you believe you evolved from a rock”, for instance), incredulity (“how can you believe you’re related to a mosquito?”…because the molecular evidence shows that we are, I’d say), and ignorance and stupidity. You have nothing to add. Nothing.

Fuck off, you vapid, clownshoe-wearing racist, misogynist, criminal fraud.

Hey, Kent, crazy idea here: you don’t need me, either. Go read Why Evolution is True all by yourself, and go through it, all by yourself, chapter by chapter, making video rebuttals. You know, kinda like how Aron Ra went through your videos chopping ’em up. Do it!


  1. says

    Wow, what a hyperventilating crybaby. At least he’s admitting, to all the world, that he needs to get your attention to stay (sorta) relevant. And he’s also admitting he can’t ignore you or laugh at you either…

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Why is he even being talked about? By now he is apparently just another troll with legal troubles and a hunger for attention. Does he still have any followers?
    FYI BBC just gave a platform to Epsteins lawyer even though he too is accused of trafficking.

    And God Awful Movies just posted an update.

  3. abner1 says

    You know, it might almost be worth it for PZ to offer to accept the debate – on the condition that every penny go to a good charity, for example an organization for helping battered women. How could any reasonable person object to that? :)

  4. nomdeplume says

    “you vapid, clownshoe-wearing racist, misogynist, criminal fraud.” Too kind, PZ, much too kind.

  5. robro says

    Not only is Hovind unable to spell the author’s name, nor use the possessive apostrophe correctly, he’s lying about having a debate. He wants a platform to preach, not a debate. If he’s anything like the evangelicals I’ve known, he’s convinced that if he gets a few word with the unsaved he just might win a sole for Jesus. And as with many of these things, he’ll declare victory no matter what happens and use it to promote his mission…i.e. get money from suckers.

  6. bcw bcw says

    I would believe that Hovind is evolving -into- a rock, via the rotting sediments stage, requiring only a few million years of compression and heat to turn into something solid.

  7. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re robro@7

    Not only is Hovind unable to spell the author’s name, …he just might win a sole for Jesus.

    sole is the bottom of a shoe
    **soul* is what religion tells us about
    Goddess Tpyo ensures misspelling a word when pointing out someone else’s misspelling.