1. says

    Obligatory Zwarten Pieten Rap:

    Zwarten Pieten are a dying breed these days.
    After an embarrassingly long time a tipping point has been reached where the majority of Pieten are merely smudged or randomly coloured.

  2. robro says

    Sunday, 9:00am CST…go to church time. Perfect. We can all pray together. Unfortunately that’s 7:00am in California which is go to the farmer’s market time. I’ll be praying over the strawberries…hopefully they’ll still be here.)

  3. birgerjohansson says

    If Zvarten Pieten is racially insensitive, we should go for Krampus. There is no rule about what he looks like, so I imagine him as a critter described by Lovecraft.

  4. submoron says

    Dare I recommend Benjamin Britten’s St Nicholas Cantata? The words may be faulty but this British,, homosexual, socialist made a delicious piece of music!