Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

We’ve heard about hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and betadine, and who knows what else, but now we hit a new low (don’t worry, the bottom keeps receding and they’ll find something else). Another approach to battling COVID-19 is to eat…poop. Cow poop.

A video of a Dr. Manoj Mittal from Haryana, India, has been making the social media rounds. This video showed him walking among cows and then poop there is. He picked up from the ground what appeared to be a handful cow dung. He then selected a piece, put it into his mouth, and began chewing. Here’s a tweet with the video:


This is associated with Hindu religious beliefs, so it probably won’t be popular here in the US. I hope.

The letter described how “the Hindu religious system places great value on the products of cows. They believe that the byproducts of cows such as dung, ghee, milk, curd, and urine are purifying agents.” They wrote how “many people are consuming cow dung and urine under branded ‘cow dung therapy’ for Covid cure.” The letter continued by saying, “Some members of the Hindu nationalist party demanded that cow urine and dung can prevent and cure Covid-19. Therefore, the Indian superstitious, fanatic politicians and some other leaders disseminating the propagation that cow dung can cure Covid-19 among the general religious population.” This is all despite the lack of real scientific evidence supporting the use of either cow dung or cow urine against Covid-19.

Christians, at least, don’t believe any of that. They think they can cure everything with prayer, which would actually taste like shit in my mouth, so I’ll duck out of that delusion, too.


  1. hemidactylus says

    Would would Joe Rogan do? Eat shit? I can think of many I wish would. Don’t dissuade them on this one thing.

    Or if we argue vehemently enough for various alt-med through to the anti-vax types to please not eat shit, would stubborn reactance compel them to eat shit just to own the libs? Reverse psychology. I love it. I wonder if Brett Weinstein is up to speed on this. RFK, Jr?

  2. raven says

    The vaccines would be easier to get and more effective for urban dwellers who don’t happen to live near a cow pasture.
    For all of you city people, be a little bit cautious when walking through cow pastures. The cows usually won’t do anything but look at you but if there is a bull around, they will sometimes charge at you.

    OT but related.
    One of my neighbors, who I did not know well so it didn’t personally affect me, just died from the Covid-19 virus. Not vaccinated. His wife is OK. She was…vaccinated. OK, except that she is devastated that her husband is dead.

  3. wzrd1 says

    timgueguen @2, that was suggested fresh out of the starting box with the pandemic. Indian “authorities” were recommending cow piss from day one.
    Thankfully, there were few uptakers, well, at least admitted to trying the idiocy.

    F [i’m not here, i’m gone], I’ll leave off on the chalk, I’m fine with eating my crayons. ;)
    Yak! Pew, that was an ink pen! I’ll figure out the difference in texture between plastic and paper some day…

  4. Rich Woods says

    @davidc1 #1:

    I have seen footage of a guy taking a shower in wee wee straight from the cows botty .

    Just goes to show that there’s an Internet site for every kink.

  5. Jazzlet says

    Raven @4
    Not just fully grown bulls, bullocks chase as well, as do heifers and cows which all tend to be kept in herds so there are more of them to trample you. They usually go for people with dogs, if you are walking your dog and a bull or bullocks or heifers or cows start running towards you drop the lead! Your dog is far better equiped to escape than you, and the bull/bullocks/heifers/cows will chase after the dog giving you a chance of getting out of the field. One or two people a year are killed by cattle in the UK nearly all while walking a dog.

  6. jrkrideau says

    Following some Ayurveda (Indian) medical advice read in Edzard Ernst’s blog back in March or April of 2020 I have been applying raw garlic internally and externally plus fresh cow dung externally on a daily basis with excellent results. I find this helps maintain physical distancing as well.

  7. Ridana says

    If that were actual cow dung, then it’s been there on the ground drying out for several days, drawing flies and incubating pathogens. Healthy cow shit has the consistency of unbaked pumpkin pie filling. If you could pick up fresh cow shit like he did, then those cattle are terribly constipated. Cow shit should not be chewy (that’s probably the maggots).

    If you want the real quality shit to ward off your Covid, bring a spoon.

  8. says

    When I was a kid, we’d get into cowpat fights. Pick up one that’s firm and dry on the outside, and gooey and slimy on the bottom and inside, and you could fling it like a frisbee at your brother, or your cousins, or anyone who looked like a good target. It’s probably how I acquired a strong natural immunity to all diseases, and will live forever.

  9. HappyHead says

    When I was a kid, another kid I knew had a habit of always chiming in about how he knew about everything, and was experienced at everything. A TV show was discussing some farm competition, which involved flinging “cow chips” (ie: dried cow dung from the field) for distance, and all he heard was someone saying “cow chips”, and he immediately chimed in with “Oh, Cow Chips! I’ve had those, they taste great!” We eventually got him to actually look at the TV screen and see what they were doing.
    This seems to be a natural extension of that, combined with someone stubbornly refusing to admit they were wrong, ever, no matter what they have to do to keep insisting on it, and dammit not only were they right, but it’s good for you!