Oh no! It’s THURSDAY!

The most evil calendar would be one where every day is Thursday.

I made the mistake of looking at my calendar for the day.

Doom, doom, doom, doom.

Every gap in my schedule is filled with appointments. I’m about to go in, won’t emerge into the light of day again until sometime after 6.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Thursday is almost Friday, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    And look after yourself.
    A big Swedish study about the effect of different vaccines (using data from 800,000 persons) has just been published in The Lancet.
    I leave the details as an exercise for the reader, the important part is that the effect of Astra Zeneca is – if I recall correctly- mostly gone after just four months.

  2. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    Also, given the huge amount of publications out there, a little more citation information would be useful.

  3. nomaduk says

    This is the study:-

    ‘Interpretation: Vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic Covid-19 infection wanes progressively over time across all subgroups, but at different rate according to type of vaccine, and faster for men and older frail individuals. The effectiveness against severe illness seems to remain high through 9 months, although not for men, older frail individuals, and individuals with comorbidities. This strengthens the evidence-based rationale for administration of a third booster dose.’

  4. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    Interesting, but I didn’t see where they compensated for the people with the mixed vaccination being younger and with low co-morbidities compared with those who only got the AZ.

  5. Bruce H says

    Good news! The sun sets tonight in Morris, Minnesota at 6:07:46 PM. If your schedule holds, you might get almost eight minutes of sunshine.