The thing I want to tell every jerk who is prolonging the pandemic

I need a great big box of these cards.

I’d give the first one to Joe Rogan, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, and thought it serious enough to spend buckets of money on treatments — mostly useless crap — and is now going around and saying it was no big deal

I got up in the morning, got tested and turns out I got COVID. So we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it — all kinds of meds: monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin … everything. And I also got an NAD drip and a vitamin drip, and I did that three days in a row.

Vitamins and NAD will not treat a viral infection. Ivermectin is garbage. The monoclonal antibodies would help, but you know, if he’d been vaccinated he’d be making those himself.

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized monoclonal antibody therapy as an emergency treatment for COVID-19 to fight off severe illness. The FDA has not, however, approved the use of ivermectin, which some vaccine skeptics swear by — despite a lack of scientific evidence to support their claims, not to mention the potential harmful effects of taking the anti-parasitic drug at high doses.

IV treatments such as NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and vitamin drips are usually administered in an effort to improve general fitness and wellness — though there isn’t much scientific proof to back their efficacy either.

I’m sorry he got better. People might have noticed and done the sensible not-like-Joe-Rogan thing if he’d died.

I’m gonna need a big box of those cards. After Rogan, I’d have to hand them out to everyone in my university administration, and then I’d have to go to the local grocery store and carpet the floor with them, and then walk the streets and stick them in the windshield of every over-sized pickup truck driven by maskless yahoos, and then…


  1. HidariMak says

    Someone else said it best when they compared using monoclonal antibodies instead of a vaccine for COVID, to using a defibrillator instead of taking heart pills for a bad heart. Remember those Saturday morning cartoon ads for sugary cereals, which said that their eating their product with a healthy breakfast makes their product part of a healthy breakfast? Rogan seems to remember those ads, considering his COVID treatment.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    ivermectin, which some vaccine skeptics swear by — despite a lack of scientific evidence to support their claims

    That is misleading. Ivermectin has been included in several clinical trials and there is evidence. The evidence says it does not help.

  3. stwriley says

    My particular favorite in these fools’ arguments (and I very much include Rogan in this) is that they won’t take the vaccines because they’re “experimental” and “only” have emergency use authorization (as though this was somehow cutting corners and proof that it wasn’t safe.) But when they actually get Covid, they run out and take treatments that not only may or may not have any efficacy, but that are all, at best, being used under emergency use authorization. Just look at what Rogan took: monoclonal antibody treatments are being used under an emergency use authorization, ivermectin is being used in an off-label manner that is well outside the normal dosing schedule for this drug and has not been shown to be effective when tested anyway, and the supportive treatments (NAD and vitamin drips) aren’t even claimed to treat Covid itself at all. So he may well have been saved from more severe illness by the monoclonal antibody treatment, but it’s something on which we actually have much less data than on the vaccines, because it’s been used for less time and on far fewer people. And, of course, we now have a vaccine that has full FDA approval, so all these treatments are actually more “experimental” than at least one of the vaccines is. If these fools would just take the fully approved vaccine in the first place, none of the rest of it would even be necessary and we could all put this pandemic behind us in a relatively short time.

  4. call me mark says

    Remember at school, doing group projects? You would generally get grouped into fours and each four would have two kids who did all the work and two kids who goofed off. It feels like the pandemic has been the largest group project in history.

  5. Reginald Selkirk says

    @5 Not exactly. The teacher broke us into two groups, girls vs. boys. I did all the work for my side alone, then the teacher criticized me for a lack of teamwork.

  6. sc_262299b298126f9a3cc21fb87cce79da says

    I disagree with your assertion, P Z, that Rogan “got better.” I doubt that the post-COVID Rogan will be any better than the pre-COVID version. Maybe worse.

  7. StonedRanger says

    I too would like to have a box of those cards. But Im old enough now that I wouldnt hand them out because I dont want to get punched out by someone I gave the card to. As for Joe Rogan, he used to be kind of funny. Sort of. But he lost me when he was a flat earther.

  8. justanotherjohn says

    I’ll be forever in your debt for introducing me to Bob the Angry Flower. I even got a T-shirt last month.

  9. says

    A lot of us need those cards. One good thing, I guess: My family members decided at the last minute to call off the Labor Day weekend family reunion that would have seen dozens of people from all over the state gather in one location, with lots of them unvaccinated. But they did it only after a cousin ended up on a ventilator in critical condition and my sister-in-law became sick (“it’s only the flu!!”) and began scarfing up Ivermectin (so I guess she’s now worm-free). No doubt the survivors will reschedule the reunion.

  10. numerobis says

    I’m amazed that Bob the Angry Flower is still a thing. I was reading it 15-20 years ago.