So that’s what a major and his commanding officer look like

I think there was a mixup at the hospital, because there’s no way a schlub like me could have fathered that gentleman.


  1. schweinhundt says

    The stripes you are referring to, Crip Dyke, are actually overseas service bars ( indicating that she has spent at least 24 months serving in combat zones. The rank is worn on the shoulder boards of this uniform. It’s a bit hard to discern from the photo but she appears to be a Lieutenant Colonel. Based on the various accoutrements she’s wearing on her uniform, however, I suspect she is likely to make full bird Colonel.

  2. magistramarla says

    And someday he will have a framed photo like the one in our home…
    A picture of a retiring Lieutenant Colonel and his (Full Bird, Female) commanding officer.
    Of course, we hope that Connlann retires at a higher rank!
    Please tell him that if he ever ventures down the coast to Monterey, the Lieutenant Colonel (PHD, RET),
    will buy him a drink at the Trident Room on our campus.
    And, I’m not at all surprised that PZ fathered such a fine young officer.

  3. bargearse says

    Clearly a bogus photo, no REAL serving US military would ever wear a mask like a traitor. I kid of course, congrats to Major Myers. I wish him the best in his chosen career.

  4. says

    Congratulations, Major! PZ,, please pass along my compliments and gratitude for the tough job ahead of him, which I know he will execute faithfully and well.