Boiling down stupid to its essence

Mano quotes a study that shows that creationism is in decline.

The public acceptance of evolution in the United States is a long-standing problem. Using data from a series of national surveys collected over the last 35 years, we find that the level of public acceptance of evolution has increased in the last decade after at least two decades in which the public was nearly evenly divided on the issue. A structural equation model indicates that increasing enrollment in baccalaureate-level programs, exposure to college-level science courses, a declining level of religious fundamentalism, and a rising level of civic scientific literacy are responsible for the increased level of public acceptance.

I believe it. I’ve been seeing the same phenomenon — there’s a declining overall interest in creationism. It’s also creatively dead. I rarely see any new arguments, and even the recent books, like the crap from Nathaniel Jeanson, are not original at all, just rewarmed Genesis Flood nonsense spiced up with science buzzwords, poorly explained. It’s a dying cult…just, unfortunately, a slowly dying nonsense.

However, the quantitative decline is made up for with increasing fanaticism among a shrinking minority. The ignorance is being distilled into ever more toxic forms. For instance, Tucker Carlson might once have fit into a model of semi-secular conservativism, is now finding common cause with Ken Ham and QAnon, and accusing the Left of being Satanic. Meanwhile, Ken Ham thinks the movie Cats is some kind of evilutionist plot.

It’s all converging on anti-vax/anti-immigration/anti-climatology/transphobic/anti-science BS. So while the absolute numbers of these dangerous loons are declining, they are becoming increasingly nasty and stupid. We’re not going to be rid of this poison for some time to come.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    The Republicans have inadvertedly created a strong selection pressure for “people who pay attention to experts”. A couple of more virus mutations down the line, this subset of loons will become much depleted.

  2. says

    Ken Ham:

    Well secular education teaches kids they are just animals that evolved.

    THERE’S NO JUST! No just! We’re animals! It’s who we are!

    So why shouldn’t they identify as an animal?

    We’re a species of animal! We’re animals!

    (Sorry – this self(and other-animal, and nature)-hating “just animals” and “mere matter” sort of nonsense really ticks me off.)

  3. birgerjohansson says

    SC @ 2
    As we are not winged entities with a multitude of eyes and limbs all over, we can certainly not self-identity as “angels” (check out the bible, angels look weird).

  4. says

    It’s all converging on anti-vax/anti-immigration/anti-climatology/transphobic/anti-science BS.

    Anti-history and social reality, too. Christopher Rufo and the Discovery Institute have that whole campaign about (their profound misunderstanding of) CRT.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    ‘Profound misunderstanding’ is a feature, not a bug. This is why Tucker Carlson has so many viewers. It is irrelevant wether they believe in their own garbage as long as it sells.
    Some of the garbage kills, but the cash keeps coming in.

  6. raven says

    There might be a law about Conservation of Stupidity.
    Right now in the USA, tens of thousands of people are dying from pure stupidity. Caleb Wallace was an antivaxxer and antimasker, now dead from the Covid-19 virus. It’s a common story.

    Strangely enough, a lot of the time their family, friends, and neighbors watch them die and learn…nothing. They still don’t believe in the Covid-19 virus, won’t wear masks, and won’t get the free vaccine.
    What we have here is a failure to learn or “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

    Anti-mask rally organizer Caleb Wallace dies of COVID in Texas › 2021/08/29 › stories

    22 hours ago — A 30-year-old Texas man who earlier this summer organized an anti-mask rally has died after catching COVID-19, his pregnant wife announced.

  7. acroyear says

    “So while the absolute numbers of these dangerous loons are declining, they are becoming increasingly nasty and stupid.”

    And they still continue to hold sway over more than 50% of the governments, because the Republican party continues to treat them as essential parts of their vote.

    The Federalist system has finally failed for good. The system was built to maintain a minority rule…for a time after a few changes and a few court decisions (and a civil war and a great depression), we actually had something approaching a majority rule.

    Nowe we are back to a minority rule, only not the same minority.

  8. Howard Brazee says

    IMHO, the fanatics are driving the acceptance of evolution. Normal Christians are repelled by their craziness. So instead of defaulting to believing them, they default in rejecting them.

    And the more they associate themselves with a political power, the more they will be disregarded when we choose a different power. That’s what happened in Europe, when they reject the king, the king’s bishop goes with him.

  9. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 10

    How much you wanna bet that old Ham has a catboy body pillow hidden away somewhere (double if it Schrödinger from Hellsing Ultimate),

  10. says

    Sadly, I have to admit that — just like a stopped clock is right once a day (hey, my clocks are 24 hour, it’s now 20:11) — Mr. Ham has a point about the movie Cats. Heck, he has a point about cats (I’m a dog person): “Evilution” is the only. Possible. Explanation. Especially once one delves into Mr. Eliot’s antisemitism and other blind spots, although frankly I’d expect Mr. Ham to be more accepting of that.

  11. GMBigKev says

    Well the original news source is from the Babylon Bee – but the non-satire version of the site – which is to say it’s a bunch of Conservative Christians having a shitfit about furries. Furries are a bit weird, ultimately harmless, and actually trying their damndest to excise the worst parts out of their fandom (Nazi-furs, pedos, animal abusers.) They also tend to be queer more often than not, kind towards one another and strangers, and charitable.

    So naturally Christian Conservatives are scared of people glomming onto the furry fandom.

  12. rietpluim says

    It’s all converging on anti-vax/anti-immigration/anti-climatology/transphobic/anti-science BS.

    It is disturbing to see that all these people are lining up together. Some people I’ve known to be anti-vax but otherwise very liberal and progressive for years are now fundraising for Trump because baby eating Satanists or something. Originally they were anti-vax only and that lead them to fall for politics that are the complete opposite of what they ever stood for.

  13. ajwade says

    The message of Cats is that “a cat is not a dog”. You’d think that Ken Ham would approve. (Cats is 100 minutes of mostly whimsy with the occasional fragments of plot or pathos, followed by 10 minutes of Judy Dench solemnly intoning “facts” about cats to the camera concluding with “a cat is not a dog”. I rather enjoyed it but it is not a serious film.)


    Sorry. But anything Babylon Bee related is just straight up trash. Their satire consists of the same two tired conservative jokes that weren’t funny the first time they were uttered. Their “news” site is about as trustworthy as LifeSiteNews. Nothing but cringe all around but they have a rabid fanbase of edgelords and shitbags who find them funny. The asteroid or the robot apocalypse can’t come soon enough.

  15. raven says

    More stupidity.

    A mobile vaccination event in Georgia was reportedly shut down because anti-vax protesters were harassing workers
    Brigid Kennedy, Contributing Writer Tue, August 31, 2021, 10:11 AM·1 min read

    Anti-vaccination protesters have disrupted several vaccination drives in Georgia, and even forced one to shut down, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

    Aides to Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the state’s top health official, also described how public health staff “have been harassed, yelled at, threatened and demeaned by some of the very members of the public they were trying to help.” In one county, protesters used social media to identify public health employees and “[harangue] them with messages of hostility and misinformation about vaccines,” writes the Journal-Constitution.

    A mobile event in north Georgia was canceled after an “organized group” of anti-vaxxers arrived to bother and name-call those running the drive. “Aside from feeling threatened themselves, staff realized no one would want to come to that location for a vaccination under those circumstances, so they packed up and left,” said Nancy Nydam, Toomey’s spokesperson.

    Toomey herself said that such threats “come with the territory” of someone with her job, but “it shouldn’t be happening to those nurses who are working to try to keep this state safe.” Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    This is the equivalent of a ship hitting an iceberg. The passengers destroy the lifeboats, throw the lifejackets over the side, and scream insults at anyone who tries to rescue them.

  16. raven says

    Aides to Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the state’s top health official, also described how public health staff “have been harassed, yelled at, threatened and demeaned by some of the very members of the public they were trying to help.”
    Toomey herself said that such threats “come with the territory” of someone with her job,

    Cthulhu, what a strange world we live in.
    Public health officials are harassed and threatened for trying to keep people alive and healthy.

    This also happens often in the hospitals. Covid-19 virus deniers sick with the Covid-19 virus often start screaming at the staff and sometimes attack them.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    Akira MacKenzie @ 11
    If Schrödinger from Hellsing Ultimate was involved, you could at least hope there was some evil genius behind it all. Now it is morons “all the way down”
    OT ‘Hellsing Ultimate Abridged’ has played a big role in staving off depression for me the last f@cking year.