“Phil brings humanity and empathy to every character he creates”

That’s the blurb for Phil Tippett’s Mad God anyway, and then you start the trailer and it’s all darkness and slimy nightmare monsters and mushroom clouds and stop-motion things that look like they crawled out of a clogged drain.

If the recommendation is not wrong, that does say something about humanity, I guess.

I still want to see it.


  1. cartomancer says

    You put the wrong link in. That’s clearly a behind the scenes look at the Republican Party convention before they’ve had their make-up done.

  2. drew says

    Looks like Ray Harryhausen doing a Clive Barker story. From beyond the grave, of course.

  3. Tenax Raccoon says

    Someone saw a Tool video and thinks, “I can make a movie out of that.”

    It looks really cool, but I can’t tell if there’s a story or protagonist? It has an incredible, distinctive style, and could be a weird fever dream of a story.