Get me through this Friday, please

The bad news: I arranged my schedule so that I don’t have any classes or labs on Friday. The dream was that I’d have this one beautiful day to catch up on grading and have some lab time. The dream is dead. Instead, my Fridays have filled up with meetings. My calendar is packed with meetings, meetings, meetings today.

The good news: Mary and I are scheduled for our second vaccine shot this evening!


  1. DLC says

    I’m about to leave for my second shot in a few minutes. [Blatant Public Health Plug] Get your vaccine shots folks! do it as soon as possible!

  2. JoeBuddha says

    Today is the last day of my post vaccine quarantine! Now, I need to get the wife vaccinated.

  3. Sean Boyd says

    Great news on the vaccines! But Ballard, the cool place? All the cool kids know that Tacoma is the cool place.

  4. says

    Tacoma only became cool since some of my family moved there.

    When I was a kid, Tacoma was the place where you had to hold your breath as you drove as quickly as possible through it.

  5. says

    Just in case, don’t plan anything tomorrow. Pfizer kicked my butt with severe chills the next day. After about 6 hours in bed, felt fine.

  6. mmason0071 says

    I got the Moderna. After 2nd shot felt fine for 10 hours, then bam! Chills, fatigue, could barely move for 24 hours. Then within a couple hours was fine and well rested. So, have your meals already made in case you have the energy to pick up a fork the next day. BTW, Tacoma is almost cool now, especially since they closed the paper mills and you don’t have the “Aroma of Tacoma” gagging you anymore.

  7. Sean Boyd says

    JoeBuddha @7,
    We’re so cool, we don’t need a Bicycle Parking Squid. We’ve got a Cheshire Cat mural instead.

    PZ @8,
    But they’re here now, and that’s what matters.

    mmason0071 @10,
    Those were not Tacoma’s finest days, to be sure.

  8. magistramarla says

    I had my second Pfizer on Wednesday. I had less symptoms than when I had the first one.
    No fever, and no swelling or pain in my arm this time. I did feel quite fatigued that first evening (both times),
    but felt fine by the next day.
    My husband had his second Moderna on Thursday. He had absolutely no reaction that day.
    Today (Friday), he’s complaining of fatigue, and feeling a bit “off”.
    We’re both glad to have passed this milestone.

  9. publicola says

    Fridays off, eh? “The well-laid plans of mice” and profs often get screwed up. (See Murphy’s Law.) My wife and I got our second Pfizers 3 weeks ago–a little fatigue was all. Don’t know what that means, but I’m not gonna worry about it.