Who you gonna call when you’ve got a racist book to publish? REGNERY!

Oh yes, Josh Hawley lost his big book deal when he advocated insurrection, but he didn’t have to worry — there’s a publishing house that’s always ready to endorse the very worst in American politics. Now it’s going to be published by Regnery.

If I may quote myself

Regnery Publishing has been on my radar for a long, long time. They’re the go-to publishing house for far-right-wing cranks everywhere: Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, every angry loon who mainlines AM talk radio, or babbles on AM talk radio, can turn to Regnery to take the fevered hash festering in their brains and turn it into ink on paper. I’ve been tracking their poison for so long because another collection of kooks using their services are the creationists. The Discovery Institute loves them some Regnery. Wells’ The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design was published with them, as was Icons of Evolution. If you want to lie about science, history, or politics, Regnery will publish it.

The Regnery family seems to have been born of spawning slime monsters, but even they couldn’t deal with William H. Regnery II, who was squeezed out of control years ago. He has since been using his undeserved wealth to support all kinds of terrible projects.

By 1999, Regnery had come to believe that the only future for white people in North America was a reconfigured continent with a white-only homeland carved out of the former United States. He began consorting with Ku Klux Klan apologists, Holocaust deniers, eugenics boosters, and immigration foes. He set up two white nationalist nonprofits and steered money into them. He published fringe-right journals and books. Through his family’s famed conservative publishing house, Regnery had been on a first-name basis with the cream of the Republican establishment. But by 2006, his public views on race left him ostracized from the GOP.

Who was supporting the neo-Nazi Richard Spencer? William H. Regnery II, via the National Policy Institute, which he founded. It seems to have been his hobby, creating racist organization and funneling money into it.

…Regnery founded a nonprofit dedicated to providing “a cultural home for our children’s children,” as he wrote in a founder’s statement. It was called the Charles Martel Society, commemorating an 8th-century Frankish king who turned back an Arab invasion—and thus, in the view of white supremacists, saved European civilization almost before it began. Regnery packed the society’s board with men who shared his racial concerns. They included the late Sam Francis, a former Washington Times columnist who suggested that white people could solve racial problems by “imposing adequate fertility controls on nonwhites.”

The Martel Society still exists, and even has its own magazine, The Occidental Quarterly, an excellent source for online racism. It’s edited by Kevin MacDonald, a prominent “race realist”, and also a vocal evolutionary psychologist (how surprising).

The whole dang family is rotten to the core.

The Regnery family’s political story starts with his grandfather and namesake, William H. Regnery, a Chicago textile magnate. He was a New Deal Democrat, but in 1940 he helped found the right-wing America First Committee, which sought to stop the United States from going to war against Nazi Germany. The committee, which attracted Nazi sympathizers and anti-Semites, disbanded when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

The America First name, meanwhile, has experienced a renaissance as one of Trump’s leading mottos for his presidency.

White couples weren’t having enough babies, Regnery declared, and the government was allowing in hordes of nonwhite immigrants “as if to hasten our demise.”
After World War II, Regnery’s uncle, Henry Regnery, made the family a power in GOP politics through his publishing house, which was subsidized by inherited wealth. He printed the works of writers whom he called “giants of American conservatism:” William F. Buckley Jr. (“God and Man at Yale”), Russell Kirk (“The Conservative Mind”), and Robert Welch, co-founder of the John Birch Society. Regnery books—anti-communist, anti-big-government and pro-business—helped define what it meant to be a Republican in postwar America. Upon his death in 1996, he was eulogized as “the godfather of modern conservatism.”

William Regnery II’s cousin, Alfred Regnery, was an official in the Reagan administration’s Justice Department and then became president of Regnery Publishing. The imprint still exists, under new ownership: Among its recent best-selling authors are Ann Coulter (Adios, America!) and Trump (Time to Get Tough). Regnery himself plunged into conservative politics at the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1960s. As he wrote in his 2015 memoir, Left Behind, he joined the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a nonprofit set up to recruit Republican activists on college campuses. His family helped endow the institute, and Regnery remained involved for more than 40 years. On the institute’s board, he associated with GOP stalwarts, including former US Attorney General Edwin Meese, Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner, and Buckley, founder of the National Review.

So now Regnery is publishing Josh Hawley’s book. Is Hawley even aware of the chains he is forging here?

Probably. He probably thinks they’re awesome.


  1. says

    Hawley has realized his only option now is signing on to the wingnut welfare train. Look for thousands of bulk purchases from the usual think tanks. People who are paid to sit around and think by people who make tanks.

  2. raven says

    … late Sam Francis, a former Washington Times columnist who suggested that white people could solve racial problems by “imposing adequate fertility controls on nonwhites.”

    Oddly enough, the white racists are trying to do the exact opposite and force nonwhites to give birth to more children they don’t want and can’t support.

    They’ve been trying to overturn Roe versus Wade since 1973 and are on the verge of doing so by having the christofascists own the US Supreme court.
    The Black abortion rate is 5 times whites, the Latino abortion rate is 3 times whites.
    Outlawing abortion guarantees that the USA will become a minority nonwhite country even sooner then it will anyway.

    The old saying, be careful what you wish for.
    The right wingnuts never bother to think things through very far.

  3. Tethys says

    Charles Martel!? How stupid does one have to be to project their own racism 1300 years back in time?

    It’s true that Charlemagnes Dad did battle with the Moors in what is now Spain. None of the ancient historians mention skin complexion as a factor in that conflict. Religious wars in Europe were ongoing for centuries, mostly because of the Carolingians fondness for genocide and popes.

  4. unclefrogy says

    I guess it is nice to know ,I had not realized before, that there are more than the C brothers spilling lies into the world and political discourse

  5. KG says

    It’s true that Charlemagnes Dad did battle with the Moors in what is now Spain. – Tethys@4

    Charles Martel was Charlemagne’s grandfather, not his father. The battle against the Moors (specifically, the forces of ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Ghafiqi, the governor of Córdoba) for which he is celebrated (mostly, he fought other Franks) took place in what is now south-western France, somewhere near Tours or Poitiers (it’s sometimes called the “Battle of Tours”, sometimes the “Battle of Poitiers”). The Moorish forces are generally considered to have been a raiding party, not a serious attempt at conquest, but of course it’s impossible to know what the results of a Frankish defeat would have been.

  6. DanDare says

    I don’t get this whole “they will out breed us” thing. Its assuming we aren’t multiple races but multiple species. And I have even got it from atheist friends talking about how muslims have more kids than we do, as if religion is purely genetic.

  7. Silentbob says

    Gosh look who publishes Irreversible Damage, the bestseller among TERFs at the moment.

    Almost like TERFism is reactionary conservatism pretending to be feminism.

  8. Tethys says


    You are correct, Charlemagne was Charles Martells g-son. It seems fascists have long had some strange views involving the hammer. The Visigoth Odo also fought against the Moors but he doesn’t seem to be held up as some icon of Christian Europe.

    but of course it’s impossible to know what the results of a Frankish defeat would have been.

    We have such paltry source material for this period. The few details that we do have about the west Germanic Franks of the Rhineland show them to be brutal, rule of force types in the Roman style.

    In terms of civilization, Córdoba had art and education along with paved streets and the Great Mosque. The Franks spend several generations murdering Saxons etc, and fighting civil wars against each other.
    Charlemagne collected prechristian writings and art work from his conquests. Louis the Pious burned most of it as profane. What a loss to history. :(

  9. sc_262299b298126f9a3cc21fb87cce79da says

    Yeah. I called it. When various friends posted the news that S&S had announced they would not publish Hawley’s book, I predicted Regnery would come to his rescue. But not a difficult call.