COVID-19 vaccine is available in Morris!

Good news! Of course, then I looked at the priority rankings.

  • Rank 1a are health care providers and nursing home residents.
  • 1b are essential workers (police, fire, teachers, etc.) and those over 75. (this might be me.)
  • 1c are those older than 65 and with underlying conditions.

I suspect I might be in 1b, although I don’t get exposed to as many people as public school teachers.

My wife is in none of the above, which does not make me happy. I suppose if I had the opportunity, I’d get the shot before my wife, with the understanding that I’ll be locking her in the house and doing all the shopping until they give it to her.


  1. bcw bcw says

    “teacher” is restricted to mean Baptist Sunday School teachers under guidance from Betsy Devos.

  2. Bruce Fuentes says

    My wife is a doctor. She is in a clinic setting at locations in MN and WI. No word from either state yet when she will get it. I venture to guess I am well down the road to getting it. I figure May-June at the earliest for me. I guess being 58 and healthy is a good thing and others should get it before me. Just irks me that this is another thing the Mango-hued shitgibbon screwed up.
    Then we have two kids under 16. They won’t be getting it. Also my mother-in-law who is 72. Not sure what the WI priority system is or if there even is one. It’s all fucked up.

  3. robro says

    My wife and I are in a similar boat, PZ. I suspect there will be quite a gap between when I’m eligible (72 + cardiac conditions) and my wife (60 + cardiac conditions). That makes it complicated. Plus, we have this 29 year old fellow around who thinks he’s impervious to the virus anyway. He is about to move out of our bubble, but he’ll still be around. We could have some interesting conflicts over contacting each other.

  4. microraptor says

    My sister is a doctor in Anchorage. She was one of the first people to get vaccinated in the state of Alaska. Now she’s giving vaccinations to others.

  5. bcw bcw says

    @7 it is not known whether a vaccinated person can transmit the virus. Lower virus load seems(?) to reduce transmissivity so it seems likely the vaccine should help but it’s not really known. It will take a lot of vaccinated people and accumulated data to know.

  6. Who Cares says

    @bcw bcw(#8):
    She isn’t immune yet. It will take several weeks to get a 70%/80% chance of immunity on a single shot of Pfizer/Moderna and will only have gotten the second shot, to get to that 90%+, this week or will still need to get it next week. And then another 3 week period after which she is most likely immune.

  7. captainjack says

    I’m 70+ so that puts me in the 1B pool in Colorado. I don’t know what the subpools are, if any. The state is using health care organizations for the distribution. I expect there will be mass vaccination locations in the population centers that health care organizations will schedule for. I heard some governmental somebody on TV say that there will be a lottery for appointments and people will be called when it’s their turn. Supposedly, 1B will be finished with first doses by the end of January, middle of February. I’m pretty healthy and my time is my own, so, though I’m really bored, I can wait until then.

    Coloradans age 70+, moderate-risk health
    care workers, first responders, frontline
    essential workers, and continuity of state
    • Health care workers with less direct contact
    with COVID-19 patients (e.g. home health,
    hospice, pharmacy, dental, etc.) and EMS.
    • Firefighters, police, COVID-19 response
    personnel, correctional workers, and funeral
    • People age 70 and older.
    • Frontline essential workers in education,
    food and agriculture, manufacturing, U.S.
    postal service, public transit and specialized
    transportation staff, grocery, public health,
    frontline essential human service workers,
    and direct care providers for Coloradans
    experiencing homelessness.
    • Essential officials from executive, legislative
    and judicial branches of state government.
    • Essential frontline journalists.

  8. Ichthyic says

    fwiw… Georgia just went 100% blue.

    Ding Dong McConnel is dead!

    best news I have heard all year.

  9. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I’m registered with the Lake County Health Department, along with 150,000 other residents. I’m in category 1c, and don’t expect to receive the vaccine until the second quarter. Fortunately, my old job required me to be certified for respirator use including dust masks, with yearly fit testing, allows me to protect myself when I do venture out to grocery store and pharmacy.

  10. cartomancer says

    While late 30s is the gay man’s equivalent of late 80s, sadly the NHS doesn’t recognise it as a valid equivalency. So I’m probably going to get my vaccine some time in May or June. I am so looking forward to being able to go out again and have the other gay men completely ignore me like before!

    Of greater concern to me are my parents, both in their late 60s, who are currently on the fifth level down. They are scheduled to get theirs in February. Fortunately they are a bitterly misanthropic pair, who have been living as if there were a raging pandemic for years already. They only used to leave the house to go to the pub with friends on a Sunday, and they don’t even do that anymore, what with one of their friends having been trapped in the US since February and the other having died in in September.

  11. kenbakermn says

    Good news, PZ. I’m way WAY down on the list but I’m totally cool with that. My wife and I work at home and hardly go out except to the grocery store, and people in Plymouth MN tend to be pretty good with masks. I’d like to see every tap room and restaurant server get it before I do.

  12. birgerjohansson says

    Other good news that is totally OT but WTF…..both non-corrupt senate candidates seem to have won.😁

  13. AstroLad says

    In Los Angeles snowflakes have been stealing doses reserved for healthcare workers because verification was lax. They got in line and nobody checked.
    I presume they got some kind of paper saying they got the first dose on such and such date so they could get the booster. When they show up for the second shot they should be arrested, fined at least $1000, denied the second dose, and their name recorded to put them at the bottom of the list.