1. blf says

    They appear to be flying up to eat yer face.
    When an Orsie isn’t available, what do they feed on?

    (To be clear, I’ve no problem with spiders or their pictures, albeit one of my best friends is agoraphobic — an attitude I am trying to discuss with them — albeit the mildly deranged penguin’s suggestion one should be thrown into a pit full of the other is perhaps less helpful than usual… besides, I don’t know anyone else who is agoraphobic so I couldn’t possibly fill a pit…)

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I think she has a cousin that became a star in one of those films in Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  3. KG says

    I just tried to donate to the legal defense fund, and got the following:

    Donations paused

    Our team has contacted the organiser with a solution and donations will resume once the issue is resolved.
    How can I help?

    Please contact the organiser and ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account to resolve the issue.

  4. magistramarla says

    I started to get undressed for bed in the tiny half-bath in our bedroom after the countdown, and when I turned on the light, there was a huge Daddy-long-legs just below the light switch. Luckily, spiders don’t bother me at all. I ignored him/her and got ready for bed. When my husband came in, I pointed out the spider, and he transferred her to the patio. (This is California, and there are many spiders still living on our patio.)
    Was this a good omen for the new year?

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    magistramarla @ # 12 – The name gets tossed around a lot, applied to multiple species, but most “Daddy-long-legs” are not spiders.

    If you get another good look at your ex-roommate, wave or poke gently to get it to move a little. Note the “forelegs” don’t touch the ground (leaf, wall, whatev) – because those are not legs, they’re the antennae of an old-fashioned six-legged insect.