How I want to celebrate Xmas

Unfortunately, I’m going to be home alone in my house with my wife, and a) I don’t think she’ll cooperate, and b) she’d kick my butt.

Oh, hey! The cat!


  1. blf says

    If Mary will “kick your butt” when she’s “not cooperating”, what happens when she does cooperate?

  2. says

    Perhaps he was saying that the cat will kick his butt too? Especially when huuuuuuuuuungry at three in the morning?

  3. davidc1 says

    Over here in good old GB ,just realised we lost a Goodie ,a Python ,and a Bond ,among all the other deaths .
    Not too fond of xmas at the best of times ,can’t even be arsed to do a turkey dinner .
    One year my twin brother who has a learning disability came into the kitchen while i was basting the turkey,
    he said “Why Not Cut it Down The Middle and Don’t Bother With the Potato’s and Veg “,,think that might happen this year .