1. brightmoon says

    Nice , i was looking at all the colorful leaves the other day. NYC is still not that cold, it’s near 70F the other day. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid

    . Monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean dull . There are beautiful textures and shades of brown and beige just in dried grasses

  2. robro says

    Perhaps you’re being facetious, PZ, but I see a lot of color variations in those pictures, although they are subtle. There’s quite a color parade around here with trees turning different shades of red and yellow mixed in with evergreens, and the streets and paths littered with dropped leaves fading into shades of brown.

  3. unclefrogy says

    out here in southern cal. what I notice most is the color of the light change more orange? or reddish? away from the whiter summer sun when it is right over head day light is getting short now
    that wooden fence has a remarkable color variation of lichens
    if you miss more botany as things get covered up with frozen water you could not do better then watching a video on “crime pays but botany doesn’t ” for lifting your sights and putting you on your hands an knees in the dirt and weeds looking
    uncle frogy

  4. richardh says

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