Huzzah! The last Thursday of the semester!

I have complained about my Thursday schedule before, which makes it the worst day of the week for me. Well, this is the last one! As an added bonus, I also have no committee meetings scheduled for today at all! I can’t get too excited, though, that just means I have a few free hours I can use to tame that savage stack of proliferating grading obligations. Oh, and I have to compose the lab exam that I’ll be flinging at cell bio students tomorrow. And it’s oral presentations day in my communication class. And I need more coffee. It’s not a perfect day, but it’s getting better.


  1. Christopher Maute says

    Alright Mr. Smarty Pants, I keep seeing these blogs in your Twitter so I registered so I can bust your chops on more than one platform.

    When the semester is done, let’s have a hang about teaching in the current situation. I’m getting 2 courses ready to teach in the Spring and the options for remote teaching are dizzying.

    Extra strong coffee, my friend. So stupid things faster.
    – Maute

  2. wzrd1 says

    While working at one employer, management went into a committee binge. Dozens of committees were expanded, which predictably resulted in no net change and increased management – worker strife.
    Realizing the nascent situation, I wisely volunteered for forming the escape committee. An initial topic for derision, it was later decided that my suggestion was actually prescient. For, in the rush, forgotten what happens when one cooks by committee. Rubbish is the inevitable result.
    Fortunately, that’s frequently realized in advance and the number and scope of committees usually kept to an essential functional minimum.
    Still, I prefer to remain with the escape committee. ;)