1. gijoel says

    Meh, the big ones aren’t venomous to humans. It’s the ones that can hide under your toilet seat that you have to watch out for. And now everyone who reads this comment will feel compelled to check under their toilet seat for spiders. Muuhhhaaahaa.

  2. davidc1 says

    A giant spider against Samuel L Jackson ,no contest .I am only shocked that he didn’t call it a M F er .
    @1 Is it true that when you average Australian man arrives in hospital after being bitten the first thing he says is” Good Day Doc ,Can You Take The Pain Away and Leave The Swelling ?”

  3. Alt-X says

    Meh, I’ve seen bigger over here. Hehe.

    I once had centipede almost as long as your forearm crawl into my bed while I was sleeping, crawl between my legs and proceed to bite the ever loving sh-t out of my groin. Hell of a way to wake up! Looked like 3rd degree burns down there, struggled to walk for a week and had to use special cream to get the swelling down for weeks. Other countries knew about Aus before the poms moved here, but they were the only ones stupid enough to move here. :)

  4. davidc1 says

    @8 That’s what i meant .When people ask why Australia is chock a block with stuff that can kill you ,what do you answer back ?
    I mean the world’s most deadest snakes are found there ,and the most famous Australian was killed by a fish .

    But to be honest ,the way he carried on it was bound to happen sooner or later

  5. nomdeplume says

    @10 Life wasn’t meant to be easy.

    (famous quote from a conservative Australian prime minister)