Baby spiders are voracious

As long as I was up early, I darted into the lab and fed my horde of baby spiders. I think I may need to increase their feeding frequency because whoa, they were eager. The tubes they are living in are a dense maze of silk, so you drop a fly in and they are instantly trapped and flailing about, and the babies just home in right away. They’re currently still a little smaller than a fruit fly (but they’re fattening up nicely), making for a nice little battle with a juicy reward at the end.

The adults, on the other hand, are experiencing a bit of seasonal malaise, I think, and are a bit sluggish. I’m going to have to do a major cleanup of their cages and maybe that’ll brighten them up a bit…but that’ll have to wait until after Thanksgiving. I just have too much to dooooooooo…


  1. davidc1 says

    “Eat ,Grow Strong My Pretties ” You get more like a 1950s script writers idea of a mad scientist every day .