In Memoriam: Ed Brayton

Next Sunday, 27 September, we’ll be remembering the life of Ed Brayton in a conversation.

If any of you would like to share a few words, write to me and I can send you a link. If you’d rather not make a direct appearance, show up and leave a comment in the chat — I’ll read some of them into the record.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    I don’t trust myself to make a direct appearence. I never met him in person but through his site I know be was principled, and with a great sense of humor.
    I hope someone else in his circle of activists has the time and skill set to continue his work.

  2. magistramarla says

    My husband and I had the honor of meeting Ed a few years ago at one of our Freethinkers’ events in San Antonio. He was just as warm, welcoming and humorous as any of his readers might expect.
    I’m proud of the fact that I made him laugh with my question. I told him that I was going to mention a name, and asked him to please comment. He later said that he expected me to say Trump (running for president at the time). Instead, I said Modus Operandi. Anyone who has read Dispatches and the comments would recognize Modus as a frequent commenter. He commented using a tongue-in-cheek style, much like Colbert on his old show. The man’s comments are often hilarious.
    After Ed finished laughing, he explained my question to the audience and spoke about the lively commentary at his blog, especially the comments of Modus Operandi.
    After he had returned to Michigan, I was thrilled to see that Ed mentioned his encounter with me in his blog. Several of the commenters swore that Ed must have found the mother of Modus! LOL

  3. William George says

    Speaking of Modus, it’s crazy how many sites both he and I frequented.

    As for Ed… Never met him. Never had a single exchange online. But I always appreciate an old school blogger and commentator and it was sad to watch his struggles in real time. I definitely won’t exit with as much class. You’ll be dragging me into the graveyard kicking and screaming

  4. DLC says

    I remember Ed. Read his writings a few times. Sorry to hear he has passed. I offer my condolences to his family and friends.

  5. JoeBuddha says

    I never met Ed, but I believe I knew him just a bit. My morning ritual was to start off at Pharyngula for breakfast, run through my other blogs, and end up at Dispatches for desert. He always impressed me with his wit and understanding, and the comments were always entertaining.
    Neither my Atheism nor my Buddhism allows for an afterlife, so I won’t say RIP, but just that he lives on in my life. Every time he entertained me, informed me, enlightened me, I take as a treasure. He made a difference. In the end, what better legacy could he leave?

  6. davidc1 says

    @3 Ah Modus ,i am ashamed to admit that when i first read one of his posts on D, F,T, C ,W . i thought he was a 100 % genuine stir fried wackaloon ,after i had posted a few comments replying to him ,another person gently explained to me that Modus was their resident POE .
    After i lived down my shame ,i have tried to answer him in his own style which is very hard to copy .

  7. Eric says

    I did not know Mr. Brayton personally, but:

    Between his writings (the writings of Orac & Dr. Myers included), I came to realize that I was an atheist and I discovered a whole new blog world of people like me.

    But Ed’s blog was always the first one I’d check. The world is less fulfilling now that he’s gone.