1. nomdeplume says

    He is also, even more importantly, making huge jumps in a chain of evidence. Whales and mosquitos – hard to think of a pair of organisms more distantly related. But what are mosquitos related to among other insects? Among other invertebrates? What are whales related to among other mammals? Among other vertebrates? How are vertebrates and invertebrates related? And so on. Similarly. How do bananas form? How did the soil and water form? How did the planet form? How did the Sun form? Where did the heavy elements come from? Where did the medium elements come from? How did Hydrogen and helium form? Does Matter = Energy divided by C squared? And so on.

    While I am quite sure he knows he is lying, I am also quite sure he is incapable of understanding either the chains of relationships (biological and chemical), or the history of development of scientific ideas. Nor, of course, does he want to.

  2. wzrd1 says

    I’ve been there, done that. I’m a tad gun shy on antibiotics until they’re really needed, given the overprescription of them, so here are a few known effective, if unpalatable home treatments.
    Some might work, although you’ve advanced beyond simple pharangitis toward the larynx…
    Hypertonic saline gargles, do spit it out, as swallowing typically induces vomiting, which would be counterproductive by adding injury and irritation to already infected and irritated tissues.
    Honey and lemon, soothing, it’s also hypertonic, note the trend and do try hypertonic solutions introduced into pathogenic cultures – they tend to be a tad effective. :)
    A version of Listerine, which has thymol, a solution with known antibiotic properties, albeit weakly, giving the immune systems a chance to catch up.
    A shot of your favorite liquor. It’ll burn like hell, won’t help, but it’ll assuage your angst via a different form of misery, should you rinse and repeat too often. ;)

    I’ve the opposite going on now, a mystery series of allergy attacks – during a cold snap. Severe enough to overcome 50 mg of diphenhydramine at times.
    Well, that and a strain/sprain in my lumbar region, from a mere misstep. There is one thing that sucks more than getting older, not living to grow older. Otherwise, I’m sure that old, departed friends would’ve popped back and told me how great being dead was. I only get that from some living folks and I honestly suspect that they don’t have my best interests at heart.

    As for Kent, village, come meet your idiot, Kent. Someone who wants reality to twist to meet his expectations.
    Psychology calls that delusional thought.

    And no, the liquor is a joke, it’ll irritate tissues already thoroughly pissed off.
    Tomorrow, well, hopefully, the class understands and that you’re conversant in ASL… :/

  3. says

    “What a buffoon.”

    The fact that the country is being run into the ground by a whole lot of people of Hovind’s intellectual caliber has turned our reality into a living horror story, sorry for the bad vibes y’all I just couldn’t help but blather on about it…

  4. Ichthyic says

    hey, speaking of people who misrepresent the evolution of animals… I just ran across this guy:

    hides his last name, first name clint… got a “masters” in evolutionary biology from Brigham Young (mormon?).

    is trying to tell people that birds are reptiles.

    anybody familiar with this guy? what’s his deal? seems shady af to me.

  5. Ichthyic says

    ah, Chris Laidlaw.

    go ahead and laugh at the “professional biologist” calling first birds reptiles, then dinos reptiles.

    with his level of classification, he might as well call himself a fish.

  6. Kagehi says

    Well Ichthyic, Aron Ra has a whole series, explaining the nonsense of some creationists, which is called, “Birds are definitely dinosaurs.”, but yeah, ignoring the divergence of both, to claim they are reptiles….

  7. René says

    @ Ichthyic and Kagehi: Read Neil Shubin, Your inner fish. We are fish, fish that are extremely well adapted to live out of the water.