Getting worse!

This throat thing I’ve got made for an unpleasant weekend, and this morning I woke up with a mild headache and fatigue on top of a grisly meat tube that is oozing slime and sending rude signals to my brain. It better have cleared up by this weekend, and I’ve got enough of a challenge in having to give a one hour lecture this afternoon with a voice that wobbles in and out of the void.

I’m hoping to go in and get tested for the ‘rona this morning, just to get that possibility out of my mind. Also, Mary wants me to do a salt water gargle. This does not sound fun.


  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    I know a lot of people going in for testing today. Our local elementary school has a reported case. All children from that classroom are being advised to get a test and cannot return for 14 days or until they have a test showing negative. I fear this is just the start.
    I thought I was going in to see the doc this morning also, but mine was because of dumbassery. I was putting our canoe up in the rafters of the garage and my ladder slipped out from under me. I m sure it was a physics thing, angle force and all that. Instead of moving the ladder closer I pushed harder and next thing you know I was on the concrete floor. Good thing my son was there to catch the canoe or I might have had a head wound too. Seems to be just some bruising and a wrenched wrist. I broke the same wrist a couple years ago curling so I have a brace. Will give it a day or so more, but des not feel too bad this morning. But the bruise on my hip is really starting to show some really cool colors.

  2. William George says

    I hope it ain’t The Rona. We already lost Ed this year. I can’t handle another fave blogger going away.

  3. daved says

    Salt water gargles aren’t that bad. Use warm water to best effect. They work, they’re cheap, and they’re fast.

  4. garnetstar says

    Hope it’s not the Rona, best wishes.

    But, the best thing to calm a sore throat is to gargle with bourbon. I’m not kidding: it paralyzes your nerve endings or something, and my, does it clear away the mucus.

    Be sure to spit it out when you’re done gargling, or it’ll be way too fun.

  5. says

    I’m prayin’ for you PZ! lol – okay not.

    Tips ‘n tricks from this former pro singer here.

    -glycerin-based cough drops (e.g. Grether’s Pastilles) instead of menthol are great for coating the throat and vocal cords.
    -salt water gargles are good, but imo anything with honey and a small amount of lemon (teas, non-citrus juices, straight up) is just as good if not better. Sip it, chug it, gargle with it.
    -stay very well hydrated.

    -avoid menthol cough drops: menthol dries out vocal cords, and can also numb throat and cords – which may be good for pain, but can cause more harm because you cannot feel voice or throat strain.
    -avoid alcohol (for the same reasons).
    -avoid caffeine (drying/dehydrating)

    Your throat will not only feel better, but your voice will return faster and your cords will be in much better shape when you have to sing. I MEAN LECTURE! Lecture.

  6. PaulBC says

    See a doctor! I mean I’m sure you will use your best judgment, but you have me worried now. Get better soon.

  7. says

    Oof – just watched the Bad Science Sunday vid, and there’s another NO:

    NO WHISPERING! Whispering forces way more air past your fragile cords than speaking (at any volume) does.

  8. brightmoon says

    Get some rest , drink lots of water . Eat healthy . My son had coronavirus . They sent him home with an inhaler . Wrap up warm you’ll want to let your body temp rise but be careful with that

  9. daved says

    I have a book somewhere about “Darwinian Medicine,” that suggested (for example) that trying to bring your temperature down may not always be in your own best interest — higher temps inhibit bacterial growth (the bacteria do best at your normal body temperature). And don’t take iron supplements when sick — bacteria need iron, and your body sequesters iron when you’re sick, so taking supplements is like offering the Big Gulp to the bacteria. I don’t know if this approach to medicine ever panned out, though.

  10. DanDare says

    In case of ‘rona go and shake hands with conservative high court judges That will make you feel better.

  11. wzrd1 says

    I suggested two days ago, hypertonic saline. Now, you’re griping about trying it.
    Of all people, I’d hope that hypertnoic solution would’ve triggered a memory or seven million as to tonic solutions and pathogens.