Carnival of Curiosity: Parade of Bloggers, part I

In ten days, the first event in our September fundraiser fires up: The Parade of Bloggers, part I!

Any of the FtB bloggers who want to show up (consent is our middle name, so this is entirely voluntary) will make an appearance, tell you about their blog, and plug any of the events they’ll be participating in. If you’ve got any favorite bloggers here you’d like to see, go ahead, comment on their blog and let them know. While we’re all about voluntary participation, we don’t mind using a little social encouragement.

This is all about raising money for FtB, so as will be my custom, I’ll be routinely suggesting where you can send donations:

Note also that during a YouTube livestream, you can use superchats to make donations and get our attention. Treat it like one of those call-in reality shows — when your fave blogger shows up, hit that superchat button!


  1. says

    I’d love to participate but since I am in data hell (Aka: Verizon country) on metered bandwith, I can’t do videoconferencing without it costing me $30/hr. PS – fuck Verizon.