I brought another spider home, I couldn’t resist

We took a walk last night, and found a place in some cinder block where, suspended in a framework of silk, there were these little collections of grass and twigs glued together. I pulled out this one, which is nicely boat-shaped, and inside were two egg sacs and a shy momma spider. I carried it home in my hand, which was a little tricky — as momma became somewhat alarmed that her house was moving, she would peek out and sometimes scurry around on my hand. Fortunately, I think she was also concerned about her eggs, so she didn’t go far.

This is probably a mistake — I’ve got way too many spiders as it is — but I’ll take her into the lab today and feed her and care for her and raise her little babies as if they were my own.

Hey, here’s a game! I picked this photo because the spider isn’t at all obvious in her nest. Can you find the spider?

As usual, you can find closeups on Instagram and Patreon.


  1. komarov says

    Have you considered opening an official spider shelter? With some ads and an internet presence you could have people from everywhere coming by to drop off wild spiders or unwanted spiderlings their kid’s pet spider produced. And while I’m not sure what kind of spiders animal control gets called in on, I’m bet you’d get a thrill out of having those dropped off at your sanctuary as well. As an added bonus you might qualify for subsidies and support funds from your municipality or even get the occasional fundraiser by your spider-loving neighbours.

  2. aronymous says

    My mother, who recently relocated to Morris, went missing yesterday. Not only that, her entire home, in which she spent countless days building and decorating to her exquisite and award winning taste, was stolen. A pair of masked giant bipeds, one scruffy and badly in need of a haircut, were seen in the vicinity.

    Several of my relatives, and those of friends of mine, have turned up missing over this past couple years. Rumor has it they are being held captive in sex dungeons in the basement of a local university’s pizzeria. Specism is blatant in Morris. Help save the children!