Surprising spider industry

I have an office spider, Diana, who lives in a display case with a wooden climbing frame and a floor made of left over calcareous sand and shells from my aquarist days. Today I found that she’d seized stuff from the ground, like this:

…lifted them up to her web up high, and build a hemispherical nest, which she was snuggled down inside of. Clever girl.

If you want to see the nest, I put a photo on Patreon (reminder: I have a patreon account I use to try to pay off our legal debt) and also on Instagram.


  1. pl5bnsf says

    Please forgive me, I just finished spraying around the outside of the house for black widows. They are not invited into the house. I do gently move any Sun Spiders (Solifugae) outside when I find them inside, they are OK.