YouTube/Google stuck their ugly racist necks out to ban this video, apparently because it pointed out the sleazy hypocrisy of the right wing nutsacks and Big Media.

Youtube have YET AGAIN caved in to a right-wing false flagging campaign. This time they have allowed Steven Crowder fanbois to flag down Thought Slime’s great video. However, on this occasion it is even more egregious than usual, considering the topic of the video is how youtube allows Steven Crowder and other rightist bullies to silence opponents.
This is obviously unjust and so I’ve mirrored the video, and encourage others to do the same.
You can also go give Thought Slime support on the links here:



  1. kome says

    Reminds me a little of one of Steve Novella’s recent blogposts about “How Algorithms Affect Your Life” (link below) and how social media deliberately utilize algorithms to maximize user engagement. This often inevitably leads to social media platforms elevating and promoting the most harmful and extreme content because that’s the content that maximizes user engagement. Crowder and his thoughtless emotionally evocative extremism makes YouTube money, ThoughtSlime’s calm and rational unpacking of the situation is a threat to YouTube’s profits. So they’ll cave to the right-wingers – just like Twitter and Facebook do – because nothing is as important as the almighty dollar. Crowder gets defended on freeze peach grounds, ThoughtSlime gets silenced.


  2. opposablethumbs says

    With apologies for going OT right out of the gate –
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    Could anyone be so kind as to run me through what I need to do (it’s been a loooong time since I first registered and I can’t remember a thing). (managed it over at WHTM yesterday, with a bit of help :-) using a new WordPress account, and I just had to go through moderation again.) Can I do it without changing my username? Thanks for any help!

  3. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    The best part is that this isn’t even a new video. Good job, YouTube, you diaperclowns.

    When I saw you post, PZ, I was hoping against hope that it was you signal boosting Matt, or something, and I might pop into your questions to ask if you were monetizing for him or something, hoping that it was you being naive on the platform rather than YouTube having done something so cartoonish as to ban a video that says they will ban leftist content arbitrarily.

  4. indianajones says

    @John @7 That is the blurb written by PZ on his youtube page where the above video comes from.