I’ve been doing Instagram wrong

I can look at what I post that people like, and it’s discouraging. So I posted this photo of a spider and her two egg sacs a few days ago, and it has been rewarded with 16 ♥, which is about par for the course. Then late last night, I threw in this quick view of me and Mary standing in a grassy field and…111 ♥ already? What?

I guess everyone prefers pictures of Mary to spiders. I’m going to have to switch to taking nothing but photos of the Instagram model I married in order to become a rich and famous influencer.

Except she doesn’t like to be photographed. Oh well, back to the “trying desperately to make spiders a thing” grind.


  1. llyris says

    If she won’t pose for you take photos of her while she’s sleeping and upload them for all those sweet sweet likes. That wouldn’t be creepy at all…

  2. cartomancer says

    I noticed this back when I was still on facebook. My friends would post meaningless tosh: pictures of themselves in far-off places, or meals they were eating, or trite one-line comments about enjoying something on the telly, and get loads of likes. Meanwhile I posted important and emotionally authentic things I had spent ages working on – mournful poems about my unrequited love, essays on the corrupting nature of accepting Facebook’s preferred communicative norms and in-depth complaints about how lonely I was, and nobody liked them at all.

  3. gaparker says

    PZ, I see that you and Mary drive a second-generation Honda Fit, somewhere within the 2009-2014 model years. My wife drove a 2010 Fit Sport and now has a 2016 third-gen Fit EX. Great cars, aren’t they?