When did all the cool kids get into spiders?

All right, is just everyone a spider fan now? Look at this: Jenny Nicholson admits to being a lifelong spider-lover, and she goes off on a quest to get the largest possible spider plushie. I am jealous.

OK, I would arm-wrestle Jenny for that spider. She’d probably beat me, but I’d try.


  1. DanDare says

    I’m terrified by the beasties but I was into spiders ever since The Incredible Shrinking Man. Which also introduced me in a tangential way to the concepts of equality.

  2. Mireille Charette says

    That’s so funny. I left a comment on this video that she might want to check out your blog.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Oddly, were I interested in finding spiders, I’d be seeking the largest examples and examine their metabolism.
    And that’s from someone moderately phobic about spiders.
    Were I to find a spider the size of a Volkswagon Beetle, I’d be utterly fascinated with it and manage to hire a team to study it fully. Given metabolism requirements and immense size, yeah, that’d be worthwhile.
    With a proper team, I’d also happily examine Ebola or nCoV-SARS-2. My role, simply a tech, learning a few new tricks along the way, we’d require a PhD or seven to do it properly and I’m quite comfortable at a $60k paying role, with full benefits.
    Yeah, a subordinate would make more than me, big shit. Accomplishing a mission is far more important to me than mere salary.
    But, my cubicle would be the most comfortable one in the operation, all out of pocket. If I’m gonna “live there”, I damned sure will be comfortable and able to do my job properly. So, a damned comfy chair, proper desk, 32 inch monitors (larger increases problems in some areas) and overall, a U shaped desk.
    And a willingness to learn as much as possible, in a punishing learning curve, where I naturally thrive.
    Although, given COVID-19, I think I’d robotize everything as much as is inhumanly possible.

    BTW, I was actually bitten by the shy Hobo spider, tissue necrosis ensued slowly, gradually over the course of a month and today, I have a quarter sized area of one calf with sunken tissue.
    Just my kind of luck, the only spider spotted was a hobo, missing after, said hobo, who previously had enjoyed a prominent place in our bedroom. I suspect that its smashed and rolled remains most likely were cast about the bed while I slept.
    Oops, my bad. I normally actually step around ants on patrol for food.

  4. says

    @7 you should check out the rest of her channel. She mostly focuses on Star Wars, but she also does these amazing book reviews of right wing propaganda. Her review of “Trigger Warning” is hilarious.

  5. says

    My wife is an entomologist. Insects and most other arthropods. And she follows her ancestral tradition of believing that spiders in a house are good luck. So she’s a fan.

    But once a spider gets to a certain size and hairiness it ceases to be cute, and it is my duty to remove it from the house. And between her and the kinds of scorpion and centipede she grew up with in Africa there is nothing but pitiless war. Professionalism can only take a body so far

  6. says

    Since she was in Arizona, it’s too bad nobody told this young lady about Spider Rock and the Spider Woman. Wikipedia has the details.