Answers in Genesis gets everything wrong

Tonight, at 9pm Central, I’m going to try and wade through the bullshit Ken Ham threw everywhere in a recent video. He’s complaining about atheism, abortion, molecular biology, development, and of course, evolution, all in one crowded half hour, so I’ll start going through it all and see how far I get.

This is also an experiment for me, to see if I can simultaneously put up a YouTube video and make commentary. I don’t know, seems like a tool it would be handy to have in my toolbox.


  1. blf says

    @1, Laughs! Right, poopyhead, the evil cat, and Mr Darwin lockedupdown, forced to watch a dreadful movie, or risk… da da da dum! the coronavirus!

  2. anxionnat says

    The first section on abortion: as most religious anti-choice people do, there’s a real element of “we have to control those slutty young women” in Ham’s comments and those of the other two. So opposition to abortion has nothing to do with the “value of life” and never has. I’ve been hearing this sort of comment since Roe v Wade in January 1973, and they’ve always been all about control, not about life per se.

  3. says

    You might want to discuss all those Bible verses that say that life begins at conception and condemn abortion, starting perhaps with Numbers 5.

  4. nomdeplume says

    The big question for me is how did Purdam get a PhD? Where from? How did she convince her lecturers and supervisors that she was studying genetics when there is no doubt she was simply lying to them. And, having at least been exposed to scientific thinking in general and genetics and evolution in particular, how does she live with herself as she says the things she says? And how dare she laugh and sneer at scientists who are a thousand times more decent, honest and intelligent than she is? Ham and the occasional young one like Brian are simply ignorant fools like Trump – no education beyond junior school and nothing understood even there, and as adults no books read, no documentaries watched, no discussions with scientists, no curiosity about the world or interest in any aspect of it. They might be pitied. But not Purdam.

  5. brightmoon says

    I agree about Purdum I think she’s a hypocrite too. That Ham is ignorant is not really news I occasionally get curious as to how he’s going to twist things but I’ve gotten to the point about 3 years ago that creationists are just liars and they play the same ignorant tune