It’s a reproductive sort of day

In addition to spawning a swarm of cute spider babies yesterday, I wish to announce that my oldest human spawn is having a birthday today. He’s cute, too. I think he’s turning…11? Maybe 12? I’ve lost track. Anyway,

Happy Birthday, Alaric!

Speaking of cute, another long experiment in genetics is developing nicely. The grandchildren are demonstrating that their grandfather’s homely genes have been successfully fully repressed, and only the maternal beauty genes are being expressed.

Mastering the art of puddle stomping

A boy and his dog.

I’m beginning to wonder if my wife reproduced parthenogenetically, because these grandkids are too adorable to be mine.


  1. says

    Genetics are weird. my eldest totally looks like her dad, but she’s also really conventionally beautiful.
    Also, how not to congratulate your son for his birthday: showing off pics of his niece and nephew.
    Happy Birthday, Alaric. I don’t know you, but I’m pretty sure you are a long term genetic experiment coming along nicely as well.

  2. InitHello says

    I read something mumblemumble years ago that claimed something about the hereditary aspects of physical attractiveness for XY correspond to the opposite for XX, and vice versa. No idea if there was any basis in it, and I can’t find the something now. Probably bullshit.