Jeffrey Epstein’s procurer has been arrested

Finally, Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s enabler/associate/partner in crime, has been arrested. Now it might get interesting — Epstein may be dead, but Maxwell knew as much if not more about his activities and all the people who took advantage of their ‘hospitality’. I wonder if she’ll spill the beans, or if she’ll conveniently decide to commit ‘suicide’? There may be some members of the European and American aristocracy sweating right now.


  1. says

    “There may be some members of the European and American aristocracy sweating right now.”
    Lets hope DJT is one of them.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @1 chigau
    So is she under a suicide watch?
    Possibly but not a suicide watch in the way you seem to mean.

  3. kome says

    I think a lot of powerful, rich, and/or connected people have grown accustomed to simply getting away with everything that I wouldn’t be surprised if it simply never occurred to her that she’d be held accountable.

  4. says

    I have been wondering what took them so long. They could have arrested her at any time. My guess is that they have been making cases against others and want her cooperation to strengthen them. They’re going to put some names in front of her and see if she wants to play Let’s Make a Deal.

  5. brucegee1962 says

    I wrote in comments earlier that I wondered why we hadn’t heard anymore about the evidence found in Epstein’s safe, and if that meant it had gone conveniently missing. But if some dogged public servant really has been moving this case forward behind the scenes, then when the arrests finally come, it could make the OJ Simpson case look like a penny sideshow act. There wouldn’t be headlines big enough. Is this how 2020 is going to end up — with the media losing their minds over a high-level pedophilia ring? That would be good in the sense that these people would be seeing justice, but the rest of those stories wouldn’t just go away because they were being ignored by everybody.

  6. ardipithecus says

    See, Conspiracy Theorists? Peddie rings don’t hide in pizza joint basements, they hide in mansions of the rich and famous.

  7. davidc1 says

    The bouncing Czechs daughter .That was a nickname for Robert Maxwell .If there are anyone of Czech decent here that are offended , am sorry .But it is such a great play on words .Don’t know if you Americans know about Mr Maxwell ,but he was a businessman in the donald mould ,got caught dipping into one of his companies pension fund .
    Went head over heels off his yacht ,named after his daughter ,opinions differ did he committed suicide ,or did he fall off taking a leak and was too fat to climb back aboard .

  8. Snarki, child of Loki says

    If she wants to avoid getting ‘suicided’ to keep her quiet, she should spill ALL the beans, RIGHT NOW.

    Sure, she’d get some prison time, but not the death penalty.

  9. sparks says

    ” I said… A large pizza to go with every-fucking-thing! Got that pimple boy? BTW, they make ointments for that now. Get on Daddy’s iCrap laptop and search that up you entitled little fuck.”

  10. says

    @#3, Ray Ceeya:

    Lets hope DJT is one of them.

    Why would he worry about this? Barr won’t let him be prosecuted while he’s in office, and once he’s out there’s already so much stuff he’s going to be prosecuted for that he’s only going to avoid prison if he flees to another country without extradition, dies, or manages to crash the whole government so badly that the court system stops working — and in that last case he’d probably still need to flee the country to avoid being strung up by an angry mob.

    As the villains in old, pre-abolition-of-the-death-penalty English thrillers used to say when committing extra murders to punch up the narrative: they can only hang you once.

    (Oh, okay, it has occurred to me that he might also escape prosecution if there’s enough pushback by the 1% along the lines of “we can’t let him be prosecuted because it would set a legal precedent that we might be held liable for our actions”. As in, you know, the way the Obama administration neatly avoided any sort of prosecutions of GWB or Dick Cheney.)

  11. jrkrideau says

    to another country without extradition
    Given Trump’s treatment of just about every country in the UN, I have trouble thinking of any one thank would let him in, let alone refuse to extradite him though some might prefer to ship him off to the International Court of Justice which would be more satisfactory from my point of view.

  12. says

    @#14, #15 (jkrideau, Lofty):

    The International Court of Justice? Sorry to burst your bubble, but neither party would permit the Trumps to be tried there. Both Democrats and Republicans have refused to admit that they have jurisdiction over the US, because of stuff like Iraq, Libya, Syria, the fact that none of our metropolitan police forces conform to standard human rights laws, etc. etc. etc. Why, if we admitted that other countries can prosecute us, every single still-living President and most members of Congress would be facing trial for the rest of their lives, and that would never do.

    I would imagine that multiple members of Trump’s family have been building stockpiles of stuff to barter in exchange for sanctuary, and although Trump will immediately become a handicap the minute he leaves office they’ll probably take him along if they can. He may be inept, but most leaders of con artist gangs learn early on to make sure if possible that nobody can touch the loot without them. They probably have a trunkload or two of secrets, portable treasures, etc. The nuclear football, all by itself, would be worth a lot to foreign powers even if it came without launch codes and was no longer activated, just to see how it was set up and how it transmitted the information. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jared Kushner had made a point of using his authorization to get a good close look at lots of classified documents. And, of course, there are no doubt Swiss (and other offshore) bank accounts where they’re stashing away money to pay for a high old time once this particular phase of their ongoing con game collapses.

    I would imagine that they won’t go to Russia or North Korea. Trump may pal around with Putin but I don’t think his family would want to be at Putin’s mercy — it would be easy for him to strip their assets and then score diplomatic points by extraditing them or just killing them. If he’s involved, most likely he’ll help them make a getaway — more likely they’ll end up in South America, with the other Nazis. If Bolsonaro doesn’t collapse under his own corruption before the Trumps flee, he’ll be involved in some way, you may be sure.

  13. A Sloth named Sparkles says

    European and American aristocracy aside, what about the scientists & various New atheists connected to him? Lawrence Krauss, Steven Pinker, various Harvard scientists? Everyone who received funding from Jeff should be sweating as well.

  14. harryblack says

    Obviously I want consequences for the paedophiles, rape enablers and rapists that hung out with Epstein. I hope they also ask her under oath about where his money came from.

  15. ajbjasus says

    Not to minimise the human tragedy of the weasel Epstien and his pals, but this could be very entertaining Especial inmrelation to HRH (sic)

  16. KG says


    The more common nickname for Robert Maxwell was Captain Bob. Or, after he fell/jumped off his yacht and drowned, Captain Bob-bob-bob.