Of course he’s going to do the very worst thing for bringing peace

The president has his solution: DOMINATE!

What he’s really worried about is that he looks weak before all those nations he respects: Russian, North Korea, any random dictatorship out there.


  1. Martin Lefebvre says

    Is this the point where he’s about to ask for the location of Armeeabteilung Steiner?

  2. daverytier says

    A tyrant wannabee is being tyrant wannabee. Nothing new there. The level of conspicuousness, however, is.

  3. says

    He’s just so transparently pathetic. Clearly, his frustration is growing and he has no idea what to do, other than just yell at people and demand they make it better.

  4. lumipuna says

    I can see that American people are not a pushover.

    American people – local activists, journalists, social media amplifiers – critical of the government are the main reason the world knows about these atrocities, to the point of not being able to look away.

    My sympathies to You The People.

  5. raven says

    In the real world, the police, National Guard, and US military can’t do all that much to stop the riots.
    In theory, they could just start shooting and kill a few hundreds or thousands of protesters.
    That has its own problems though.

    You go from being a police force to being an occupying force.
    So you have to keep applying more and more violence more often.
    At some point, the soldiers get tired of killing their friends, relatives, and neighbors and stop.
    The regime falls.

    We’ve seen this before.
    When the old USSR fell, there was a counter revolution by the commies.
    The people went into the streets.
    The army refused to slaughter them and they won.
    Strangely enough, one of guys watching this was a KGB agent named Vladimir Putin.

    Same thing happened in East Germany.
    Iran of the Shah.
    The army in Iran shot unarmed protesters for days until they couldn’t make themselves keep doing it.

  6. blf says

    @1, I’ve been referring to his “administration” as the dalekocracy — rule by daleks — for some time now. Actually, after an accidental misspelling, as the dalekocrazy (rule by dalek-wannabes).

    Note: It’s important not to captialise the daleks of the dalekocrazy. They haven’t got the class, intelligence, or skill of the actual Daleks.

  7. says

    The police and national guard represent a tiny force surrounded in poorly-held territory populated by nearly 200mn people. If even a small percentage are hostile they are horribly outnumbered. Given the US history of losing insurgencies (including its inability to control its southern states) the strategic genius recommenda they tread lightly.

  8. raven says

    This is typical for Trump.
    In 3 1/2 years he had yet to learn how to actually do his job of being President of the USA.
    He isn’t going to figure it out ever.

    To deal with the Covid-19 virus pandemic, he was reduced to doing nothing much. He would issue orders that weren’t enforceable with no followup.
    “Open the churches.”
    He doesn’t have that power.
    Most of the churches didn’t bother opening anyway because they don’t want to kill their members.

    To deal with opening up the US economy, Trump has been issuing unenforceable orders with no followup again.

    To deal with widespread rioting across the USA, Trump has been issuing unenforceable orders with no followup. He’s also been making his usual bullying threats that we’ve heard so many times that no one bothers to pay attention to any more.

    After any crisis where Trump does nothing much effective, he always looks for a distraction.
    I suppose we will start beating up on China again, start a trade war with the EU, fire a bunch of scientists and Inspectors General, or start a real war with some Third World nation like Iran again.

  9. unclefrogy says

    that is a cheerful realization.
    one thing about the expected reaction / distraction to remember is that it will be ineffective at best if not completely counter productive. so more shit coming.
    are you tired of wining yet?
    uncle frogy

  10. wzrd1 says

    @8 raven, there’s actually a lot that the National Guard and law enforcement can do to calm riots and tense gatherings. Part is diversion into areas where damage is more readily remediated, such as vacant blocks of buildings that have to be torn down for safety reasons. I can think of eight such locations in Philadelphia alone, other areas are large open areas, kind of hard to damage a large empty lot.
    Part is getting the voices of the crowd out, talking people are far less likely to become violent.
    Those who are trying actively to cause trouble, are armed or actively engaged in destructive actions are to be swiftly removed from the crowd, before a crime is committed is preferred, as once the individual calms down a bit, they can be released.
    That is the doctrine I was trained in while in the US Army National Guard. That doctrine is antithetical to what Trump blathers on about.
    But, oddly, he blathered about the National Guard as if he could mobilize them (he can, under certain specific conditions), yet griped that mayors didn’t mobilize the National Guard, which isn’t permitted. That’s a governor level authority, which anyone who passed elementary school level education well knows.

    Oddly, Trump hasn’t answered my alter ego’s questions on all of those promised coal mining jobs, given the recently reported 15% additional losses in coal sales. I guess he’s not done winning, as there still are a few coal mining businesses in existence.

  11. John Morales says

    blf @9,

    I’ve been referring to his “administration” as the dalekocracy

    ‘Regime’ is better than “administration”, for its connotation.

    Also, dalekakistocracy would be more appropriate, if more obscure.

  12. says

    wzrd1 @14

    Those who are trying actively to cause trouble, are armed or actively engaged in destructive actions are to be swiftly removed from the crowd

    Right, time to remove the cops, then.

  13. unclefrogy says

    being armed would be pretty easily defined I would think but actively engaged destructive actions would allow a wider range of interpretation for arrest with the desire to disrupt demonstrations what a little rough stuff and a few hours in a cold cell to be released later depending on who and what.
    it wont work the last 65 years should tell you that though.
    the grievances have not gone way and with the “orders to go back to work pandemic or not” on top of 25% unemployed and the fundamental inequality there is only one road forward that does not lead to a worse situation it is not the one we have taken these last 200 years or so.

  14. Howard Brazee says

    Trump has always been the bully coward who worked this way. And all he cares about is his status in that hierarchy.

  15. blf says

    WMDKitty@17, Yes, that is my thought as well: Should the military or whatever be activated, the goal would be to neutralise the (immediate) cause, which are the policegoons.