It’s so vindicating to see the kinds of people who oppose simple rules for public health

An anti-vaxxer got arrested in Idaho. She had organized an act of defiance, leading a mob of similarly inclined parents and their unfortunate children to take over a closed playground, ignoring social distancing rules, and then, as we’ve come to expect from a flock of Karens, sternly arguing with the police who came to shoo them away. “Officer, you don’t want to do that,” they karened karenly, as the police lost patience with her refusals. Of course, being a white woman doing stupid things, she didn’t have to worry — she was gently handcuffed and led away, rather than getting the usual stranglehold, tased, and/or shot routine she would have experienced if she were a different color. I wish the police would deal with everyone as politely and deferentially as they did Sara Brady.

It’s disturbing to see someone who is fervently anti-vaccination shepherding so many kids around. There is no vaccine for the coronavirus, but there are other childhood diseases about, and this anti-science mother seems determined to flout even the simplest restrictions to make sure her kids get to wallow in everything.

I’m no fan of the cops, but even I am feeling a little sympathy for the officers who were enforcing the closure of the park, because now Ammon Bundy and his gang are harassing the police who were involved. He’s also complaining about Governor Brad Little for all the wrong reasons — Little is an unpleasant transphobe, but in this one case he’s in the right, enforcing a stay-at-home order for his state that the right-wing loons like Brady and Bundy are eager to violate.


  1. unclefrogy says

    well she got what she wanted,
    he knew it was a setup as soon as he arrived there
    he had to do his job,
    damn are some people so obstinately stupid and pig headed,
    and I might add supremely self-centered because it is all about her don’t you know
    it is not about everyone all of us in this together.
    uncle frogy

  2. says

    She doesn’t believe in vaccination but she believes in vitamin D!!! I agree the police should treat everyone equally. In the case of idiots like this the police should strangle, tase then shoot them. Issue the police with hazmat suits to protect them and give them flamethrowers to sterilise the remains. In the case of Amon Bundy and his gang of terrorist just go straight to the flame throwers.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    There is no vaccine… YET! But when the Illuminati and Bill Gates make it mandatory, the inter-dimensional demons are going to swoop down and establish the Technocracy!!! Buy my supplements!

    Oops, sorry. I was channeling Alex Jones again.

  4. komarov says

    Ammon Bundy, just what we need. Maybe the future of that playground holds an armed take-over and occupation, too? If that were to happen and they treated the place with the same … respect they treated that bird sanctuary, kids might never play there again.

    If you’d like it a shade darker: Watching an armed “militia” dug in in at a playground suffer through the pandemic with, presumably, little medical aid, should make for one of the most surreal covid-19 case studies.

  5. kome says

    How soon do you think it’ll be before these Karens start calling themselves modern-day Rosa Parks?

  6. cartomancer says

    I seem to have missed the “Karen” reference. What is that all about? (I have been without internet for a week, so it may have happened in that time).

  7. wzrd1 says

    What I love is what was said.
    ‘“Officer, you don’t want to do that”, a woman is heard saying as the 40-year-old mother was hand-cuffed by police. “Her kids are here! Her kids are here? What is going to happen? Who’s got her kids?”’

    My response would have been, “Child Protective Services”.

    “Does this make sense to you as a person?”
    Seriously? It’s a lawful order, issued by a governor of the state, authorized by laws older than this nation is.

    Hopefully, it’ll go before a judge who cares about both the law and the welfare of the community and he issues a mandatory 12 – 14 day quarantine. If she violates it, which she’d likely do, a massive fine and involuntary custodial quarantine and dad can figure out where CPS took the kids while he pays her massive fine and awaits her quarantine to end.

  8. bcwebb says

    A “karen” is an entitled white woman of the type that always demands to speak to the manager if their coffee is too whatever…
    The hurricane Karen was later but drove the meme.

    How do you explain the concept of exponential growth to people with no understanding of anything?
    The only example I could think of is that most of these people have pools and at some point have had them go green – the sight cloudiness one day becomes a solid green goo the next – perhaps they could appreciate that that is what happens in your lungs when you get COVID-19 or in your body for things they skip vaccination for. -That their bodies/algecide can take care of things if they take action before things are bad but once it gets away they will be overwhelmed. Perhaps they can then understand the connection to spreading of disease but I doubt it…

  9. Alt-X says

    Hehehe “they karened karenly…”

    Did you see the video of them harassing a police officer out the front of his home?! Can you imagine if it was another community doing that, what the reaction would have been? Outside a police officers home! Smh.

  10. latsot says

    I seem to have missed the “Karen” reference. What is that all about?

    It’s a misogynistic term, best avoided.

  11. microraptor says

    @16: And then they call all the “essential” workers heroes, because the term means someone who you’re expecting to sacrifice their physical, mental, and emotional health in exchange for a few empty platitudes.

  12. microraptor says

    @Autobot Silverwynde: The term implies that entitled women are worse than entitled men, due to a lack of a counterpart. It also insults everyone named Karen (hardly an uncommon name) regardless of whether or not they deserve it.

  13. says

    It seem to have started a term for clueless white woman. You’ll never hear a woman of color called a Karen or a Becky.
    I first heard it with regards to white feminists ignoring the issues of black women.

  14. says

    Though Karen as a term seems to have come from white woman needlessly calling the police on people of color, especially black people. And it wasn’t just Karen, it just seems Karen is the one that stuck around most.

  15. Kreator says

    robertbaden @#22:

    Though Karen as a term seems to have come from white woman needlessly calling the police on people of color, especially black people. And it wasn’t just Karen, it just seems Karen is the one that stuck around most.

    This is it, exactly. As for a male version, I’ve seen Kevin, Kyle, Chet and Chad in use, though the later gets muddled since it has an alternative use within the manosphere. By the way, it seems that the controversy regarding this use of ‘Karen’ was brought to the forefront in feminist circles only recently, in a Tweet by prominent British radical feminist Julie Bindel earlier this month (you can find it within the links below.)

    Here are some takes I’ve found on the issue, the first two by black women:

    Karen, Please! – It seems that some white women are offended by the term “Karen” and want to compare it to the n-word, but that’s not how it works, Karen.

    “Karen” Isn’t a Slur—It’s a Critique of Entitled White Womanhood

    In these trying times, lesbian radical feminist Julie Bindel is debating whether ‘Karen’ is a slur. Yes, really

    We analysed every part of the ‘Karen’ meme controversy and here’s what we learned

  16. Fez says

    Almost certainly politically motivated astroturfing. She was whining to the other karen that someone needed to contact the Idaho Freedom Foundation on her behalf. If one looks at their charter the last thing the IFF would be involved in is individual civil rights.